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  1. Oh, I just love this! It's so bright and cheery.
  2. Bless you (and thank you) for sharing this. Your courage and strength are incredibly inspirational. <3
  3. KatherineW

    Happy Christmas

    This is absolutely darling!
  4. How cute! I like the embellishment cluster and how you staggered the WA to give it more emphasis.
  5. This is really cute! I like how you used the stitching to separate the two sections of the card. Good idea!
  6. Oh my gosh, this is so stinkin' cute! L-O-V-E it! <3
  7. Oh my gosh, this is so darn cute. Love it! <3
  8. KatherineW

    Carousel Ride, left

    Oh, I love this!!!
  9. This is fabulous! I'm craving cake all of a sudden . . .
  10. KatherineW

    Tide Pools

    This is super cute and very eyecatching!
  11. KatherineW

    i love my toes

    This is absolutely precious - love it!
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