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  1. Happy Birthday, Angie!

  2. Happy Birthday Angie! I hope your day is just fabulous!

  3. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to you from all of your Scrap Girl Friends - hope you have a fun and blessed day, Angie

  5. is happy to have a little time to scrap again now that the kids are back in school!

  6. swarmJAG


    Here is my layout for the High Noon Challenge. BHA_ModBungalow Collection BMU_FTDO_EMB_DecoStrip-2 DMI_Cozy_leather EHI_Bookworm_EmbelBig_Digi_2_Tape1 and 2
  7. This is a layout of photos I took on our recent float trip on the Itchetuknee River. VRA Batik Collection KSC_BeauteBotan_Paper_Grng-Yellow
  8. Great page! I love the way the colors coordinate and really draw attention to the photo!
  9. Here is a layout of my youngest son. He has ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, so he can definitely stir up some mischief! Even with these difficulties, he manages to be a funny and loving little boy and I couldn't imagine life without my little ray of sunshine! MJO_SS_DLOAlbum_PhotoBook1_3 BMU_HSEdge_Paper_Blue SG_Refresh2_Texture_AWI_Circles TCS_HavingHope_Emb_Button-Blue1 TCS_HavingHope_Emb_Button-Grn1 TCS_HavingHope_Emb_Button-Whi AMC_JakeEmma_Alpha SNU_DynBrushSet-FancyEdgFrm6302
  10. swarmJAG

    March swap for AnnBK

    What a cool idea! I love the "sketch book" look of the page and the way you stapled some of the photos in it. And it even looks like it's sittin on a table...so cool! Love the photos.
  11. Great layout...makes me want to go, too! Can I come along, Vaugnde? I really like the journal book and the photo for the background.
  12. What cool photos! I like the way the papers and embellishments coordinate so well with the drawing and photos.
  13. What beautiful pictures! I really like the stamped frames and the simplicity of your layout.
  14. Thank you so much for the page, Ashleigh...it is beautiful! I love the tree in the background and the colors. I don't have several of the collections you used so I would never have come out with this. You did an amazing job! Thanks for being my partner this month!
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