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  1. Congrats on your winning layout.

  2. If there is a fifty-fifty chance you can bet it happens to me. Only two pages and they are out of order. That's what I get for waiting so long to post layouts. I forget how to do it. LOL
  3. Because of You, Angie Briggs Table Manners, Brandy Murry
  4. During a trip to Ireland this spring we made a stop for lunch and poetry. It was pretty special. Because of You, Angie Briggs Table Manners, Brandy Murry
  5. My granddaughter Kanoa didn't bother to order her official graduation announcements (aargh!) so she convinced me to take her (and my point and shoot camera and three changes of her clothes) to Balboa Park in San Diego for a photo shoot. Two hours later we had over 150 shots. She was thrilled with how they came out and I was relieved. I was delighted when I found Kim Meeder's scrap simple graduation cards template. This way I was able to do not only her announcement, but her party invitatiion as well. Thank you Kim.