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  1. Here is step 3- I like to keep things simple so I used 1 embellishment-the water polo ball in the bottom right corner and Step 4- word art - Accept the challenge
  2. Here is step 2 with the original photo and the added photo
  3. I have not scrapped in a long time! Here is my template with 3 papers.
  4. Getting Started a little late, but I have finished the first 5 tasks. Task 1: I have just finished uploading all my pictures. I am now using dropbox which automatically uploads all the pictures I take on my phone to my computer, which is sooo nice!! Task 2: I will use 3 photos for my layout. They are from our hike to the Hollywood sign last week. Task 3: I have many goals, but first and foremost, I plan to finish my youngest son's first year (he is 9, so sad, I know!), second I would like to get 2013, 2014 into a digital album (these will be simple albums, but just want the pictures in a book for all to enjoy!) Thirdly, I would like to try Project Life 2015 to keep up with this year. Task 4: I am not exactly sure the last collection I purchased, but will use digiDoer Everyday: August by Jacqui Smith. I think I bought it last year during the retirement sale, so I cannot provide a link. Task 5: I have picked 3 patterned papers to use from the collection.
  5. Task 7- I removed one photo, so now instead of 7 photos, there are 6. Task 8- I decided to add a paper to where the old photo was and turn it into a title (I hope that's ok). I used ABR_ANewMe_Paper-Quitting (though I cut out the quitting part). The background paper (that was part of the original template) was ABR_ANewMe_Paper-Motivation. Task 9- Most of the photos already had a frame on the template, except for 2. I added these frames to the photos without frames: BMU_Fitness_Frame-Plastic and BMU_Fitness_Frame-Lines Task 10- My finished layout is titled Newport Beach Triathlon Now off to try and change my avatar!! Speedbump #2- I changed my avatar! I was shocked at how easy that was!! I should be all caught up now!!! YAY!!!
  6. Are we only able to use one photo for the finished layout for tasks 2- 5? I have two, plus an additional one that I blended in with the background.
  7. I am really behind, it has been such a busy month. I'm trying really hard to catch up this weekend. Task 4- I added a tag and some ribbon as a fastener from the Bray & Evie collection. Task 5- here is my completed layout CSUF MS graduation Task 6- I am using a template from Pocket Plus
  8. Speedbump #1: I left love on Amanda Fraijo-Tobin's: A Week In The Life Of Evelyn and XOXO
  9. What a cute page! Love the look on the little girl's face!
  10. I love how you blended the picture with the paper. A beautiful layout!
  11. Task 3: I think the Bray and Evie Collection will work well with my photos.
  12. Hard to decide which ones to use. I'll either use one taken from the obstacle course race I just did or one form my master's graduation.
  13. Task #1- All my photos are downloaded. I organize by year and then have folders for every two months. I sort them by chronological order.