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  1. ABR Effortless Collection
  2. I can't remember whose collection sorry!
  3. I used: MPE ScrapIt Monthly 6, Series 2 BED Family Portrait Collection
  4. This is my layout....our boys! Jarvis and Clint
  5. tinkerbell11


    LLO Amethyst Mist collection
  6. Hi Sue, I believe that the Coastal Collection was retired. If you had previously purchased it and are missing certain parts of it Angie may be able to help you . If that is the case email Angie at customer service and see if she can help. If you hadn't already purchased it I don't think she can help, I was unsure from your post but hoping that you had and you are missing items. Good luck it is a beautiful collection !
  7. Everyday Life Layout CKH Clarity Collection
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