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  1. Great layouts and Recipes ladies! !!!
  2. Wonderful sentiment! Very clean pretty design too!
  3. Sounds yummy!
  4. I love that your recipe is in cursive, such a wonderful memory !
  5. Love how you used the patterned papers and embellishments!
  6. Love the rich red colors!
  7. They look delish, I love making breads and rolls!
  8. This week's challenge is to create a layout with a recipe. Maybe it's a recipe that's been passed down, maybe it's something you fixed with your children/grandchildren. Maybe it's a new favorite that you developed or perfected! Just use a recipe in your layout and have fun.
  9. 31st March Add some journalling, a date and any finishing touches. When you are finished upload your layout to the Slow Scrap Gallery.
  10. 30th March Create a title using two fonts and an alpha. Your layouts are looking great so far ladies!
  11. Last year's Easter photos! I used: I am terrrible I didn't write down my supplies and I am drawing a blank now I think the DLT is from Cheri and the collection Syndee, Sorry !
  12. Welcome to ScrapGirls!
  13. 29th March Rotate your layout 90º anti/counter clockwise. Make sure your photos are the right way up, unless you like them sideways.
  14. March 28th Add 7 embellishments to your layout!!!
  15. 27th March Add an odd number of photos to your layout.