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  1. Great job on your layouts everyone!
  2. What a lovely clean lined layout! That cake is so awesome!
  3. LOL love the fun photos and the pretty blues and greens!
  4. Love the delicate flowers! Such a pretty little lady!
  5. Great photo grouping! I hope you found the NL sorry I didn't see your post earlier; getting caught up on comments!
  6. Great background paper! So fun and bright!
  7. Looks like a delicious cupcake! Love your layout
  8. So pretty! Love the blending!
  9. Love the center photo and the cluster around it ! Great use of white space!
  10. That's really cool! My brother was born on my birthday too , it is fun to share a day!
  11. It looks like such fun! Love the soft colors !
  12. Love the fun bright colors! The hats are FAB too !
  13. 18th October Create a cluster for your layout using at least five unique embellishments.
  14. 17th October Add four photos to your layout. Make sure at least two of your photos contain the colour red.
  15. So very excited! This is how I found ScrapGirls eons ago....Anniversary week!