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  1. tinkerbell11


    I used AFT Crafty Christmas Value Pack
  2. tinkerbell11

    7/21 Weekend WildCard Challenge:

    I love everyone's layouts, all caught up on leaving love!
  3. tinkerbell11


  4. tinkerbell11


    Ooooo I love your photo! Pretty cluster too!
  5. tinkerbell11

    Shell Cottage

    Love the pretty clusters and the soft colors you used!
  6. tinkerbell11


    HaHa....I have never heard this term. Hilarious!
  7. tinkerbell11


    Love your background and the large photo!
  8. tinkerbell11

    Trapped!? Weekend Wildcard Challenge 7/21/18

    Very cool effect!
  9. tinkerbell11

    So Happy

    I love your cluster and the different papers you used!
  10. tinkerbell11

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    She is beautiful, I love your background!
  11. tinkerbell11


    Such a pretty photo, love the word art!
  12. tinkerbell11

    7/21 Weekend WildCard Challenge:

    Here is mine: Wild Walk Which I realize I put August of 2018 instead of 2017 on the page oops will have to fix that !
  13. tinkerbell11

    7/21 Weekend WildCard Challenge:

    I just love that some techniques are purely digital: Like BLENDING! You can't blend in paper scrapping. It is a wonderful, versatile technique that I ADORE. Create a layout that uses blending in some way. Have fun and be creative!
  14. tinkerbell11

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    July 21st Task: Before heading to our next destination we have made a quick stop at Sentosa, a resort island in Singapore. You can relax on the beach, play golf, head into a casino or even visit Universal Studios Singapore. Use an alpha for your title. When you are finished upload your layout to the World Tour Gallery.