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  1. 17th October Add four photos to your layout. Make sure at least two of your photos contain the colour red.
  2. So very excited! This is how I found ScrapGirls eons ago....Anniversary week!
  3. Ooooo this looks super fun and challenging!!!
  4. 16th October Start a new layout in your preferred size and create a blended background using red, orange and yellow. You may use any method to create your background.
  5. Here is my layout: Special Tradition Each fall the Black Belts in Sawyer's TaeKwonDo School get together and go for a hike.
  6. I used: EBA Festivia Collection
  7. This week let's Celebrate Birthdays!!! ScrapGirls is turning 13 soon so let's go ahead and get the party started ! Let's use some amazing Birthday products to get our layouts moving. Maybe you have some photos you haven't gotten around to yet grab them and have fun. You could even use a Birthday themed collection in a different way to celebrate a fun milestone not just a Birthday! The newsletter will showcase lots of amazing Birthday products.
  8. 16th September Add a date and any finishing touches, then upload your layout to the Slow Scrap Gallery.
  9. 15th September Add seven more items. They can be photos, papers, embellishments or a mix of the three.
  10. 14th SeptemberAdd at least five sentences of journalling.
  11. 13th September Find a piece of word art to use as your title.
  12. 12th SeptemberAdd three embellishments to your layout.
  13. Okay ladies time for week TWO here is your first set of instructions for your next layout! 11th September Start a new layout in your preferred size and add one paper and one photo.
  14. I love collections that come with both solids and patterns or if a set of solids is created to coordinate with a collection. Like Bekah has been doing with her burlaps .
  15. ABR Perfection Layout