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  1. Thank you !!! My internet was not working so used my phone, I could NOT get bold!!! Grrr.
  2. I often forget about all the amazing actions and syulrs we have available I our boutique to add to photos. These can take an okay photo and really make it POP!! Play around with a bokeh , lens flare or another fun photo light effect to help make a photo awesome and create a layout with that photo!!! Adding the special touches to my layout later my photo is picked!
  3. Add three photos to your layout! Sorry can't figure out from my phone how to bold and make bigger!!!!
  4. We have another colour swatch for you this week. Much bolder colours this time. Start a new layout in your preferred size and add three papers. One paper must be patterned.
  5. I love how you used this paper it looks perfect with your photo!
  6. Great use of the frame and the red/white/black is very pretty!
  7. Lovely photo and colors!
  8. I love how the journaling runs down the side , the contrast of the papers is very striking too !
  9. I love the oval frame and the pretty flowers!
  10. I really like the greys and then the red of the title!
  11. I really like how you used the frame for your journal box! Great photos!
  12. I like how you used all the photos! Great word art too!
  13. Very pretty layout and I love your heartfelt journaling about your mother!
  14. My Mother's Day page, I did this page for a friend! Walter, April and Ann
  15. I used: GWH My Best Friend Collection CTH SS Album OHW