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  1. Wonderful page, I am sure that your students took away a great message!
  2. I finally got mine posted Harvest
  3. I used: CTH SSAlbum Two Page Spreads 2 AFT Pepper Collection
  4. Great layouts so far ladies! Mine is on my desktop in the works busy week here!!!
  5. Love this so fun! And what a great idea!!!
  6. Such a cool page, you are great at AJ ! Fun colors!
  7. So lovely! The pop of the pink is wonderful!
  8. Wonderful colors! I love how you used the typepath around his body too!
  9. Looks like so much fun coloring the eggs, then finding time. Love your Easter bunny and basket embellishments !
  10. I love that fun border!
  11. In honor of Earth Day create a layout using photos that show how you do your part to help Mother Earth stay healthy. Maybe you help clean up your town after a long winter, or you grow a garden. Whatever it is share it with us. Post your layout in the Newsletter Challenge Gallery HERE.
  12. CONGRATS Patsy!!! BINGO Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !!! Fun game ladies
  13. Today's Words (If we don't get a winner today you will have to wait until Monday, I'm not posting words on Easter Sunday! ) Crossing my fingers!!!! 2 April 13 Easter 14 Easter Bunny 18 flowers 44 rebirth
  14. You ladies are funny! We will see if there is a winner tomorrow!!!
  15. Okay ladies here are today's words!!! 16 eggs 25 Good Friday 26 green grass 50 sorry Charlie 53 sunshine