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  1. Will there be a 2018 Badge for Signatures; since I just updated mine after a WHILE I need it lol!
  2. I have the Bamboo Fun tablet I have been using it exclusively to ScrapBook for oh jeez probably 10 years LOVE it!
  3. I used JRA DoodleMeDo Collection Dagi's Temptations Signature Sensation
  4. DRB Vintage Camera Collection
  5. I used: LLO DLTemp Love Mood 4 SNU 1,2 Buckle my Shoe Collection
  6. 13th January – Task 12 Add a title, date and any finishing touches. Then upload your layout to the Slow Scrap Gallery.
  7. Posting earlier today ladies! Off to a field trip with Ava for the day ; in crazy weather it's pouring and expecting ice/snow later. I have experienced an Ice Storm SO hoping it isn't like 20 years ago! 12th January – Task 11 Back to our layouts. Add at least four sentences of journalling to your layout.
  8. Sorry to be so late today ladies! The day ran away!! 11th January – Task 10 We are taking a break from our layouts today and heading over to the gallery. We want you to comment on three layouts that have less than five comments. Post links to the three layouts you have commented on in this thread. Make sure your comment is at number 5 or lower.
  9. 10th January – Task 9 Still using the layout from Task 7 as inspiration, add five embellishments to your layout.
  10. 9th January – Task 8 Start a new layout in your preferred size, remember to use the layout from Task 7 as your inspiration. Add your papers and photos.
  11. I forgot this little snippet from Yesterday (a lot of you already posted a link!) When you have found one post a link to it in this thread. Don't forget to leave a comment on the Layout you have picked, if you haven't already.
  12. Thank Carla! I will have to try that !
  13. 8th January – Task 7 Today we want you to search the gallery for a layout you would like to scraplift. You can pick from any layout in any of the galleries by anyone.
  14. It amazes me too Monica! Thank you I loved the collection and it worked perfect for the photos my friend captured at the party!