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  1. I highlighted part of my journaling with a swish/splotch of paint.
  2. Challenge: ...journaling ... Let's kick it up a notch by highlighting parts of the text. EBA_ElephantsFly_Paper_Special.jpg EMA_SSDLO_HeARTsy_Layout3_5_Pink-Paint.png
  3. Challenge: Give embellishments a new twist e.g. apply an effect or filter flowers: orange gradient photographic effect wordart date: orange gradient photographic effect wordart when: simple sharp outer bevel SNU_AYO_ZmPg_Noteworthy kit
  4. My girlfriend had a blast taking these photos of her husband! alpha prompt
  5. January Monthly Challenge Prompt: use alphas My girlfriend had a blast taking these photos of her husband! cap_adventureAlphas BMU_BookClub_Paper_Special.jpg SilviaRomeo_LuxuriantFoliage_QuickPage.png DBH_nightinautumn_leafprint.png
  6. 😊 Thanks, MariJ, I was hoping to make people laugh! I thought it was funny that it was Monopoly Game Day, Bird Day, and Whipped Cream Day. Apparently, the "National Day Committee" doesn't worry about a common theme, but I do. 😄
  7. Challenge: January 5th is Monopoly Game Day, National Bird Day, and National Whipped Cream Day. This week is Diet Resolution Week, National Lose Weight-Feel Great Week, New Year's Resolution Week, and Someday We'll Laugh About This Week. Let's see how many I can combine! LOL
  8. What an eclectic choice of things to celebrate. Can I do several?
  9. Cute! I hope the little guy has some real bird buddies, too. I like these wavy papers.
  10. I talked my husband into giving me a haircut at home. We both had a glass of wine just before he turned on the clippers.
  11. Challenge: a photo from 2020 that makes you feel happy. Haircut by hubby during lockdown. It was not a disaster, so I was all smiles! Adventure Value Pack by Connie Prince
  12. What a beautiful safe space. Great photo cluster of you and your loved ones. I like the artsy background you made with your flowers photo.
  13. I made this art journal earlier this month and just thought the theme of this challenge made it a good place to share. It doesn't meet the supply requirements. I only want to share. We Are Pilgrims
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