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  1. lindarobin


    When you say online program, do you mean a program that you don't install, but instead runs off a server so you must be connected to the internet to use it? If not, and you just want something easy and inexpensive, there is My Memories Suite free trial. The full version is $40, or less during holiday sales. It can do photo/paper masking. This program can use everything in the Scrap Girls' Store that is either JPG or PNG. (GIMP is free and as sophisticated as Photo Shop, but I've never heard GIMP described as easy.)
  2. lindarobin


    That's very generous of you, thank you!
  3. lindarobin


    Thanks, MariJ! Karen, you are welcome to use this png. Consider it royalty-free.
  4. lindarobin


    foldTab.png Or click this link to see the full image, then right-click the image and download it.
  5. lindarobin


    I made this in PSE. It's a png with transparency. You can right-click and download. Oh, I see that the forum "shrunk" it. My file is 972 x 1500. Let me know if you want me to email it to you.
  6. lindarobin

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 2/8/2020

    Perfect challenge to combine red hearts and red blanket. http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/185046-heartschallengejpg/
  7. lindarobin


    SNU_Wordsmith_Ppr BMU_SSPaper_FusionMasks EBA_GraffitiHeart_Paper-Red AsplashOfClass(LLLCrtn) GWH_SSPaper_PepTalk JZI_SS_Emb_July18_Special-0 SNU_Apr2017_SSCLUB_SPEC_WA I'm attending their wedding this September.
  8. lindarobin


    There are also templates in the store. There are separate layers for each placeholder flower, mat, ribbon, etc. so you just swap them out for embellishments that you want to use.
  9. Brushes is a general term, but is a specific tool in a program, and different programs have different options for that tool. Some programs only have brushes that draw like real world brushes e.g. watercolor, acrylic, marker, chalk, etc. I have a program that can draw in ribbons, ropes, sequins, etc. PSE as you have said, also draws and stamps using the brush tool.
  10. lindarobin

    Weekend Wildcard 10/5

    Perfect challenge to put together these photos of my son and new daughter-in-law. wedding pics
  11. SNU JeweledFlora CWX Just Beautiful template Weekend Wildcard 10/5 - layout with both big and little photos. Perfect challenge to put together these photos of my son and new daughter-in-law.
  12. lindarobin

    Honeymoon in Hawaii

    My son got married! Used a quick page, but played a lot with masking rather than dropping the photo into the frame. SNU_JustPeachy Word Art Finding Me quick page Designs By Helly
  13. lindarobin

    Microsoft One Note

    No, you can't scrapbook with One Note. A scrapbooking program must provide working on layers.
  14. lindarobin

    Card for Mom and Dad

    Several old slides from the 1950's were digitized, allowing me to make this card for Mom and Dad. This photo was taken back when they were dating.
  15. lindarobin

    Filling a page with color

    Many printers can't print to the edge. Check your printer's settings to see if it has print-to-the-edge capability.