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  1. Thank you, ladies! This was a very pleasant surprise to be chosen.
  2. Do you want the look of a fall out frame like these: I don't know of a tutorial, but I can tell you what I do. clip photo to mask merge add and size a frame graphic on a new layer on top on photo layer, erase areas that go past the frame, but leave area that you want to "fall out" of frame on frame layer, erase the part of the frame to allow the "fall out" use an eraser with 50% opacity to blend the spots where you want the frame to start its disappearance On my page, I did an opposite effect - instead of the photo spilling out over the frame, the photo spills out under it. So I did steps 1 to 4. Baby Robin
  3. The hidden file thumbs.db is a database file containing a small JPEG representing each of the thumbnails in a folder. Thumbs.db files are required by Windows to display a thumbnail for each icon. They are created automatically in the same directory as the thumbnails being viewed. You can safely delete any thumbs.db file although Windows will automatically recreate it unless thumbs.db is disabled.
  4. Always a pleasure to be of help!
  5. If you are applying the style to a low resolution image, the result can be blurry. Try applying the style to a high quality, high resolution image such as one purchased from the Boutique. Is the result blurry?
  6. Glad I could be of help, ladies. It's nice to be able to color within the lines effortlessly!
  7. Add a new layer over top of the PNG. Clip the layer to the PNG. Now start painting on the layer and you will see it covering the PNG. You can be sloppy because the color doesn't appear past the edges of the PNG! Apply a blend mode to the layer to get a more dimensional look.
  8. A common troubleshooting solution for any printer is to install the latest updated version of the printer driver. This is so much easier than a lot of people think. Go to the Epson website. Download the latest printer driver for your model and Mac OS.
  9. There are five color modes in PS. RGB mode (millions of colors) CMYK mode (four-printed colors) Index mode (256 colors) Grayscale mode (256 grays) Bitmap mode (2 colors) Change the color mode of the Illustrator image to RGB. That should fix things.
  10. Cameras are so smart now! They can recognize faces and won't take the picture if a person's eyes are closed.
  11. Thank you, Angie! Good tip about camera phones and how "it’s not easy to balance the phone, hold other items, then press the shutter button in the middle of your screen to take the picture". My phone takes the picture when it hears the word "cheese". I love it! When I used to tap the screen, I would end up with camera shake.
  12. Yes, the site has been revamped. Go to your profile, click the See My Activities button. On the left side of the screen, lower down, you will see a link to your gallery images. Here are April's instructions for uploading to a gallery:
  13. You're welcome, Gayle. Which journal collections are you looking at?
  14. If all the photos are of one person, they certainly can go on one page. Caption each photo with date and event details.