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  1. I had taken this photo in my backyard, but it's taken a long time to make a page with it because I am learning how to scrapbook all over again. Here is my green page.
  2. green challenge SRO_SGSSClub_May21_Freebie1
  3. A reminder to please mail your card(s) this week if you haven't already done so.
  4. I got yours today, Andrea - it's beautiful, thank you! The vellum insert is a gorgeous touch of class. Thanks also for the cool SG stickers! I will post a photo once everyone has received their cards. Yes, I think you found it:
  5. Making the word art was the most challenging part of doing the page! Here's mine.
  6. Challenge: Create your own word art. MPE_SSDLT_ModernRustic_02_b_watercolourPhoto Mask cap_adventureMPP6 background paper cap_adventure_frame cap_adventure_word art journey cap_adventure_ephemera cap_adventure_hotairballoon My friend has traveled extensively, and has been a frequent guest speaker at our community's "Travel Talk". Usually, about 50 chairs are set up in the room. This year was her first time doing it on Zoom. It went very well with over 80 participants. This is one of her photos.
  7. #2 My girlfriend's first grandchild, born on St. Patrick's Day.
  8. March Challenge 2: St. Patty's day is upon us! Scrap something green in your layout. CWX_SpringSwing_Photomask4 EBA_Shamrock_Paper cap_adventure_flower4 My girlfriend's first grandchild, born on St. Patrick's Day.
  9. ABR_YoursTruly_Collection Photos of the Capital City of Canada taken by my friend, B.M.H.
  10. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Angie. I hadn't heard of a vertical mouse until I read your post, so I had to go find a picture because I kept imagining holding a mouse against a wall. That can't be right, LOL! This makes sense.
  11. Thank you, and congrats to the other winners! I was laughing when I made my layout, and my goal was to make everyone laugh as well. With Spring on its way, I hope we are all coming out of the (northern hemisphere) winter doldrums.
  12. Hi, Andrea, I re-sent the addresses to your SG email. Whoo-hoo, the first card of this exchange has been received! Yes, that's a great idea... we can all post photos of the cards we receive, in the Hybrid Gallery.
  13. Use a solid color background that is completely different from the colors in your pins. Perhaps neon green like the green screens they use in movies? White is good if there is no white color in the pins.
  14. Here is my escape through a magic portal into summer.
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