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  1. lindarobin

    Microsoft One Note

    No, you can't scrapbook with One Note. A scrapbooking program must provide working on layers.
  2. lindarobin

    Card for Mom and Dad

    Several old slides from the 1950's were digitized, allowing me to make this card for Mom and Dad. This photo was taken back when they were dating.
  3. lindarobin

    Filling a page with color

    Many printers can't print to the edge. Check your printer's settings to see if it has print-to-the-edge capability.
  4. lindarobin

    Help Me With A Layout - I'm Stuck

    Looks really good!
  5. lindarobin

    Help Me With A Layout - I'm Stuck

    Instead of a journal frame in the upper left, I'm imaging another photo box just above the title, same slant, with the journalling in it. Perhaps a pastel pink/yellow font against a dark green background?
  6. I like Gayle's suggestion. Have him print one at 12 x 9.6 so the entire poster will fit on 12 x 12 card stock. The designer did a great job blending the photos and text together. Cutting it up would ruin it. If you were given the Photoshop file, you could reposition elements within a square canvas, but would he sell that to you?
  7. lindarobin

    Weekly Layout Winners - June24th

    Thank you so much! Sorry I didn't post right away... I've been away on vacation. This was a fun "retro" challenge.
  8. lindarobin

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 6/18/2019

    When I paper scrapped, my favourite things were stacking papers, fancy ribbons and metal brads that looked like jewellery. Gosh, it made for an expensive page! And because we couldn't recolor/retint, it was a challenge to find matching pieces (unless you were using one kit). Sipping Sangria
  9. lindarobin

    paper scrapping

    BMU_LaDiDa_Clusters ADA_FoldItUp.png CRO_Reflective_PaperMini4 JRA_JustGlitz_Papers_CreamEmbossed When I paper scrapped, my favourite things were stacking papers, fancy ribbons and metal brads that looked like jewellery. Gosh, it made for an expensive page! It was a challenge to find color matched pieces from your stash, too.
  10. lindarobin


    EMA_HeARTsy I printed and framed this portrait as a gift to the happy couple. The photo was taken during the food tasting and menu selection for the upcoming wedding.
  11. lindarobin


    GWH_LovingYou KME_Journal.png
  12. lindarobin

    Restoration of Old Scrapbooks

    Scanning at 300 dpi is fine for large photos, 5x7 and up. Scan at 400 dpi or higher for those really small photos like 2x2. These suggestions are for printing, should you wish to print the files. However, if you only want to have digital copies to see on computer or tablet screen, you can scan at 72 or 150 dpi. That will save a lot on file space.
  13. If the kit can be opened and contains JPG and PNG files, these files can be used in ANY graphics program. Only kits that have been created exclusively for use with a particular program, cannot be used outside of that program. For example, there used to be a program called Craft Artist and kits were sold that could only be opened with Craft Artist. The kits here in the Scrap Girls Shop are zipped files that anyone can open. They contain JPG (typically papers) and PNG (typically embellishments) files which can be used in all graphics programs. There may also be styles or action files that were created for use in Photo Shop or PS Elements, so these particular files won't work elsewhere.
  14. lindarobin

    Convince me to upgrade to CC

    Use CMYK for projects that are destined for printing. It is a more true color representation of how the project will print.
  15. lindarobin

    Designing Kits

    If your question is about file formats, resolution size, and creating a zip folder for distribution, I can help.