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  1. lindarobin

    Restoration of Old Scrapbooks

    Scanning at 300 dpi is fine for large photos, 5x7 and up. Scan at 400 dpi or higher for those really small photos like 2x2. These suggestions are for printing, should you wish to print the files. However, if you only want to have digital copies to see on computer or tablet screen, you can scan at 72 or 150 dpi. That will save a lot on file space.
  2. If the kit can be opened and contains JPG and PNG files, these files can be used in ANY graphics program. Only kits that have been created exclusively for use with a particular program, cannot be used outside of that program. For example, there used to be a program called Craft Artist and kits were sold that could only be opened with Craft Artist. The kits here in the Scrap Girls Shop are zipped files that anyone can open. They contain JPG (typically papers) and PNG (typically embellishments) files which can be used in all graphics programs. There may also be styles or action files that were created for use in Photo Shop or PS Elements, so these particular files won't work elsewhere.
  3. lindarobin

    Convince me to upgrade to CC

    Use CMYK for projects that are destined for printing. It is a more true color representation of how the project will print.
  4. lindarobin

    Designing Kits

    If your question is about file formats, resolution size, and creating a zip folder for distribution, I can help.
  5. lindarobin

    Resize a 12 x 12 to a rectangle

    There is no instant way of doing this. You have to cut off a section (usually near the middle), then blend in the sides to re-join the border/ make the paper appear seamless. Cloning is usually involved as well as transparent gradients. It is only simple when the border or paper is basically the same on both halves.
  6. There are many good articles you can find on the internet that have good advice on logo design, especially what NOT to do. When it comes down to actually creating it digitally, it is strongly recommended that you create a vector graphic, not a raster image. If your logo is a vector graphic, it can be printed at any size without distortion, from business card size to billboard size.
  7. lindarobin

    How did you start?

    Back in the 20th century, I bought my first real digital camera, the ultimate 2 MP resolution!! It came with a CD, Adobe PhotoDeluxe (which came before PSE). Yada, yada, yada, digital scrapbooking
  8. lindarobin

    7/21 Weekend WildCard Challenge:

    The results of blending always amazes me - like wow, did I really do that? I printed and laminated this poster for my niece.http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/176185-blending-challengejpg/
  9. lindarobin


    Photos blended with papers from ABL Fencerow Collection. This is the poster I made (instead of a Congratulations, Graduate card) for my niece. Her friend took the photos.
  10. lindarobin

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 6/19/2018

    Here is my Dad. Photo taken last month after his 91st birthday.
  11. lindarobin

    Happy Jack Purple

    One of those funny coincidences! SG_ANarrative_Emb_SJO_Note DRB_Today_Paper SNU_WintersWish_Paper
  12. lindarobin

    Isla - May 2018

    photos by terriscrapper paper and embellishments - Tami Miller Designs frame - bellagracecluster.png
  13. lindarobin

    siggy wonky

    After you upload the two images, you need to insert them side by side in the signature box. To do this, click once in the signature box, then click the first image under the Uploaded Images heading. This inserts that image into the signature box. Now click beside it to set the position for the next image. Click the second image under the Uploaded Images heading. BTW, your second image is 200 x 222, so it doesn't line up perfectly with the first which is 225 x 225.
  14. lindarobin

    Weekly Winners - April 9th

    Thank you, ladies! This was a very pleasant surprise to be chosen.
  15. lindarobin

    Tutorial on a Mask with a Frame

    Do you want the look of a fall out frame like these: I don't know of a tutorial, but I can tell you what I do. clip photo to mask merge add and size a frame graphic on a new layer on top on photo layer, erase areas that go past the frame, but leave area that you want to "fall out" of frame on frame layer, erase the part of the frame to allow the "fall out" use an eraser with 50% opacity to blend the spots where you want the frame to start its disappearance On my page, I did an opposite effect - instead of the photo spilling out over the frame, the photo spills out under it. So I did steps 1 to 4. Baby Robin