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  1. Thank you for the template, Marlene. Perfect for my Chinese New Year page.
  2. lindarobin

    Kung Hei Fat Choy

    Year of the Tiger image: from the web (s.hdnux), blend mode Pin Light photos: my own MPE_PeacockWedding_Paper (recoloured gold) MPE_Refreshed_PaperMini (recoloured red) Marlene's challenge template
  3. Initially, hubby was pouty because I didn't follow the cookie directions. He was sure the edges would burn and the middle would still be raw, so he would be cheated out of getting his cookies. I already considered that and spooned the dough into the pie plate in an "O" shape, leaving a hole in the middle so the cookie could expand while it baked. As it was baking, I was saying, "Mmmm, it's smelling really good... it's going to be delicious!" And hubby grumped, "We'll see." After chowing down a big portion of warm, delicious "cookie pie", he's like, "Yeah, ok, you can make this
  4. It really turned out delicious! Crunchy outside, soft chewy inside. Spoon the dough around the walls of the pie plate, leaving a hole in the middle. This gives the cookie room to expand while baking.
  5. #3 word art That's one big cookie. Although you could say it is a "hobby" of mine to always look for a shortcut.
  6. aimeeh_fallintoyou_paper3 aimeeh_fallintoyou_tape GWH_AutumnBlessings_JIF GWH_PositiveThoughts_EmbSpecial_Bow (cut and recolored) January challenge: single photo, word art title If a bakery can sell a giant cookie and call it gourmet, why not?
  7. Hi, Norma. It's inspiring to see someone learn to use a new computer and new software after 2 strokes! Just to add to the previous advice of clipping a new layer to your overlay - that new layer can be solid color, brush strokes, paper, or any combination.
  8. Thanks, Anne-Marie. This does something similiar:
  9. aimeeh_fallintoyou_flower3 aimeeh_fallintoyou_doily (recoloured green, used as trim) JRA_JustGlitz_Papers JRA_JustGlitz_Emb_Bow ABR_YoursTruly_Paper-Spot poinsetta - mymemories
  10. Anniversary Week Photography Challenge FLO_JournalWithMe_paper cwx_AE_challenge_overlays bee_momslove_frame photo by my friend BMH
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