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  1. The "anti-alias" check box that Amanda mentions also appears in my PSE 8, so very likely it's in PSE 9. I'm sure you'll also find the Select options in PSE 9 as well.
  2. There are also options ( in PSE v8) under Select such as Feather and Modify>Smooth.
  3. Beautiful arrangement and color choice! I was wondering about a masked/blended photo of her, filling a good part of the background. When I've made layouts for other people, masked/blended photo backgrounds really impressed.
  4. Are you putting square layouts into a square book?
  5. All photobook printing services that have the option to size and position our JPG to fill the entire page, are suitable. The one I use refers to it as "make this photo the background" which auto fills the entire page with my completed scrapbook JPG. Very convenient! The most important thing to incorporate into designing your scrapbook JPG is a safety zone/bleed area. Assume you will lose up to half an inch all around the outside edges, so design accordingly by keeping photos and text well away from the edges.
  6. I think Shutterfly only accepts JPG files, so that eliminates all the embellishments which are PNG. You have to create something using the PNGs, then export your creation as JPG.
  7. PSE is no longer INTEGRATED with Shutterfly. Like all other graphics programs, you just export your project as JPG, then upload the JPG to Shutterfly.
  8. I really enjoyed the Sparrow - must have been over 10 years ago, though. More recently, Ready Player One. Excellent, and soon to be a Steven Spielberg movie.
  9. Fun magazine for women over 50
  10. How else would I ever get on the cover of a magazine? Hee hee ABR_ChicInstinSpec_Cluster2 SNU_AlteredLife_JournalCardsSPEC
  11. When using the lighten blend mode, the photo background takes on the look of the chalkboard. Cool.
  12. This is very cute. The chalk frame goes well. Try a cropped in close-up version of the photo as well, and see how you like it.
  13. Hey, I'm glad that works for you, too! Seems like the latest version, the developers realized that we most often want to resize without changing the aspect ratio, so they removed the need to hold down an extra key.
  14. This happens to me, too (PSE9). Using the Alt key works.
  15. This was pretty simple, using a combination of threshold and charcoal. It doesn't look like someone drew with white chalk, but it's kind of nice, and may co-ordinate with the chalkboard theme. Perhaps applying the overlay blend (or some other blend mode) with the chalkboard image underneath, will have the desired effect.