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  1. Glad I could be of help, ladies. It's nice to be able to color within the lines effortlessly!
  2. Add a new layer over top of the PNG. Clip the layer to the PNG. Now start painting on the layer and you will see it covering the PNG. You can be sloppy because the color doesn't appear past the edges of the PNG! Apply a blend mode to the layer to get a more dimensional look.
  3. A common troubleshooting solution for any printer is to install the latest updated version of the printer driver. This is so much easier than a lot of people think. Go to the Epson website. Download the latest printer driver for your model and Mac OS.
  4. There are five color modes in PS. RGB mode (millions of colors) CMYK mode (four-printed colors) Index mode (256 colors) Grayscale mode (256 grays) Bitmap mode (2 colors) Change the color mode of the Illustrator image to RGB. That should fix things.
  5. I've not uploaded a layout for quite some time, so was pleasantly surprised to see that we can upload our pages bigger than 600 x 600, the max size of old. My recent page, I uploaded a 1000 x 1000. I've noticed a few other members also uploading bigger sizes. It's nice to be able to view "Other sizes" that are large enough to fill my screen, to see texture detail and admire some great photos.
  6. Cameras are so smart now! They can recognize faces and won't take the picture if a person's eyes are closed.
  7. Thank you, Angie! Good tip about camera phones and how "it’s not easy to balance the phone, hold other items, then press the shutter button in the middle of your screen to take the picture". My phone takes the picture when it hears the word "cheese". I love it! When I used to tap the screen, I would end up with camera shake.
  8. Yes, the site has been revamped. Go to your profile, click the See My Activities button. On the left side of the screen, lower down, you will see a link to your gallery images. Here are April's instructions for uploading to a gallery:
  9. You're welcome, Gayle. Which journal collections are you looking at?
  10. If all the photos are of one person, they certainly can go on one page. Caption each photo with date and event details.
  11. If I were to print a layout, I would do as Anne-Marie suggests. I would keep the photos small and have six or more of those phone pics on the page.
  12. People that print photos can appreciate the difference a good camera makes!
  13. Yes, photos from the same camera will yield the same quality. A good camera lens can capture detail whereas a so-so lens will muddy the details. Example:
  14. Yes, her face is blurry. It isn't a really good quality camera lens that captured the picture. Really not much you can do.
  15. Sorry, Terry, I just edited my reply.
  16. OK, I inspected the photo at its original high res. Unfortunately, it appears that the camera lens isn't the best, as her face is blurry. Was it a phone camera?
  17. I've only done it once myself with a wide panoramic photo. I found it tricky because I had to guess how much of the photo might get "lost" in the binding since it wasn't a lay-flat style book. To compensate, I didn't just slice the photo in half, but also duplicated a vertical bit that would end up in the binding. If you have a really great super-wide photo, it looks awesome all on its own as a "2-page spread".
  18. I thought you meant that the left half of each page is the left side of the book, i.e. the book binding (fold) occurs in the middle of the page, like how I split the picture here: But as you aren't splitting the page into two halves, I really like the Sledding Fun page with more photo! There's a design principle about thirds that gives a better overall composition.
  19. Here, the fold will go through a person, but not the face, so I think it will look fine.
  20. Quick example: I like this balance of paper to photo, as long as the fold does not go through a person.
  21. All printers that print US letter can also print A4. Actually, the two paper sizes aren't that different. It wouldn't be hard to alter A5 projects and make them 5.5x8.5 so that two can fit on letter size paper.
  22. It may be fun to try a photo that takes up 2/3 and papers+embellies that take up the last 1/3. This works best when there's unimportant background in the photo where the "fold" ends up. Or photo is 1/3 and paper is 2/3.
  23. A5 is exactly half of A4. If you can get A4 paper, design two A5 pages on the one sheet of A4. After you print the A4 sheet, cut it in half. No waste.
  24. I wouldn't expect that to happen because how often would multiple people be uploading all at the same time to the point of overload? You are put in a queue (line) and your upload will happen after the people ahead of you finish uploading.