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  1. Great page and I just love the background paper from your Artsy Paper 03 collection. The flowers blended into the paper is so pretty.
  2. Another fabulous page. Your choice of background papers is great and the added swirl is a nice touch. Love your photo.
  3. I love your new collections. I just love pumpkins and your photos is wonderful. Great embellishments and papers.
  4. He's absolutely adorable. My kitty Leo sleeps with his paw over his eyes too. He looks too cute wearing his sunglasses. I like the background papers and the circles you used on this.
  5. My inspiration was the bottom half of the ad. The photo reminded me of scarecrows that I've seen at the Botanical Garden. Ad Inspiration Scarecrow
  6. I used the bottom half of the ad, as the photo reminded me of a scarecrow from the Botanical Garden. EBA White Pumpkin -- Paper MPE Happily Papers -- Paper_7 FLO Hocus Pocus -- Dandelion Seeds, Pumpkin Mummy, Spider Web SDE Martina Collection -- Butterfly BHA Blossom & Blooms Fall -- Cattails
  7. I've been playing with the PSE2018 this past month and I don't like it. I don't see anything new that is wonderful. Every time I open it, everything changes. My layers and styles on the right side disappear. Things that they say are easy to do, are not. Searching for help is helpless. I think I'll stay with PSE15.

    1. Boatlady


      Good to know. I have 15 too so will just hang on for now. Thanks so much for the info.

    2. MariJ


      That is good to know, thanks Carol.  I think I'll stay with 13.  

    3. scrapgran


      I am thinking of upgrading from PSE11 as it keeps telling me there is insufficient memory & won't open pictures & let me save unless I shut down & re-open. A bit of a dilemma now.

  8. Hi Anna. So good to see you again. Sorry I missed the chat. I've been wanting to use strokes, but I couldn't remember how to do it. Now I know and I can add them to future layouts. Thanks for the tutorial.
  9. Adorable new siggy. I love squirrels and I always keep a bag of peanuts in the trunk of my car for any hungry critters I see running around in the parks.
  10. I just sent my list in. I think I got them all right. Let's hope. Good luck to the rest of you ladies.
  11. I love potstickers. They are one of my favorites.
  12. BMU Bewitched -- Jack-O-Lantern, Candle AMC Halloween Party -- Witch JSM Chalk Art -- Butterfly Font: Giddyup Std Regular -- Orange color
  13. Here is the link to my Halloween siggy: Halloween Siggy
  14. Beautiful new siggy Andrea. At first glance it looked like a shoe vase with flowers. So pretty.
  15. I don't have time to create a new siggy, so I think I'll keep the one I have now. It has some of the colors from the pallette: yellow, orange, grey, When Halloween is over, I'll create a new one. I hope that is okay.