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  1. Here is my layout for the Weekend Challenge 9/23/17: Butterflies - Birds - Dragonflies
  2. Here is my layout for the Weekend Challenge 9/23/17: Butterflies - Birds - Dragonflies
  3. These are photos that I took at the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo. Dragonfly was in the Native Plant Garden. The Owl photo was taken during a walk through the Thain Forest. The Frog photo I took sitting on a lily pad in the Waterlily pond. The Red Tailed Hawk I finally managed to capture a photo of him flying overhead. The butterfly was taken at the Bronx Zoo in the Butterfly exhibit. SNU SSDLT Mask Me (I used two templates and rearranged the placement) DRB Swirling Leaves FLO Autumn Glow -- Border EMA Emb Mini Waterworks Flutters -- Butterflies vjs Raw Umber Collection -- Alphas I used styles instead of papers: SNU SSStyles Heart & Soul and SNU SSStyles November Sky
  4. I have both of these. Linda's is more up to date than Ro's, so it's worth purchasing it.
  5. Finished my layout for Tuesday Challenge 9/19/17: I love Squirrels I used The Short Story and added photo labels and word art.
  6. I went with the Short Story. I Love Squirrels
  7. SNU BS Art Journal Inky Frames GGD TimberWood -- Paper FLO Autumn Glow -- Leaves DRB Happy Together Nano Speech Bubble DDS CU Vo l67 Leaves ABL Naturalist -- Word Art, Butterfly
  8. Here is my layout for the Weekend Wildcard Challenge 9/16/17: Bucket List
  9. My bucket list: California Hawaii Egypt Europe; Germany, Holland, Switzerland England; Brighton Beach, Royal Pavilion, London I've been to Hawaii six times, lived in California for 35 years, been to England three times. I still haven't been to Egypt and unfortunately with all of the problems going on overseas, I don't think that I'll get there in this life. The ancient Egyptians worshipped more than 1,000 different gods and goddesses. A god was often shown as an animal, or as half-human half-animal. Anubis was in charge of preparing bodies to be mummified. He has the body of a man and the head of a jackal. As god of the dead, Osiris was in charge of the underworld. Osiris had green skin. Horus was the god of the sky. He had the body of a man and the head of a falcon. Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, magic, and fertility. She was also known as the protector of the dead and goddess of children. She was seen as the ideal wife and mother. She was also Horus’ mother. Set is the god of darkness and chaos. He used to fight with Horus. A Pharaoh called Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten after the sun god Aten. GWH SSDLOT Just Blend It -- I used two of the templates and did some rearranging GWH Just Beachy Collection -- Papers COL Egypt Collection -- Ankh, Staffs GGD Lulu Blue -- Butterfly VRA Egypt Digital Stickers -- Lotus Blossoms, Birdman, Egyptian Woman
  10. What do you ladies use when you send photos. I've been using Hightail Paid Subscription. I've just changed it to free, which limits what I can do. I just don't send a lot of photos, usually just for the swaps.

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    2. alsoarty


      I use Dropbox. The trick is to delete after they receive it - that way your storage doesn't get used up.

    3. jenrou


      Evidently my email service is not very good, and I have a problem uploading to Dropbox or any of those type. I send 1 or two photos at a time by regular email mostly.

    4. LauraYB


      I use DropBox Free. I move my photos from Dropbox to EHDs for organizing and to keep Dropbox empty. I've never experienced an issue w/ Dropbox so I think it's a great utility.

  11. Here is my layout for the Tuesday Challenge 9/12/17: New TappanZee Bridge
  12. The NEW TappanZee Bridge is being constructed and should be completed in 2018. The two bottom photos were taken by me as we were driving across the current bridge. The top photo I got off of the internet. The new bridge is beautiful and reminds me of a ships mast. AFT Illuminate -- Paper2 DDS Feeling Free -- Paper-Grunge2 at 35% opacity DDS Fantasmagoria Oneiric -- Butterfly DDS Fantasmagoria Mysterious World -- Screws DDS Fantasmagoria
  13. Butterflies, birds, autumn leaves, and beautiful papers. Can't wait until Friday.
  14. Autumn is my favorite time of year and the trees and water look just beautiful. Love the frame and how you split the photo into several sections.
  15. Love the photo of the squirrel. I think he is so cute. Great background and flower cluster.