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  1. lorac

    Weekly Winners - January 14th

    Congratulations ladies. Your layouts are wonderful.
  2. Aside from my liver giving me problems, I've been in bed with the flu, fever, sinus headaches and I'm off balance. I'm so tired of being sick.

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    2. CRS


      Oh no!! I hope you kick it soon. Not a good way to start the new year!

    3. Marie-Christine


      I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly, rest is the best thing and hope that you are feeling better soon.

    4. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      What a way to begin the year! I hope you start to feel better soon. Take care.

  3. Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Peace on earth and goodwill to all. Off to my cousin's for the annual Christmas Eve celebration.

    1. Mikelle


      Merry Christmas, Carol!  

    2. CRS


      Merry Christmas Carol!

    3. Dady


      Merry Christmas Carol!

  4. lorac

    Fun Cat Gifs

    Just love this one.
  5. lorac

    Fun Cat Gifs

    Too cute.
  6. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I spent it in the hospital, but I did have turkey for dinner. I have what they call non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. They had to drain fluid out of my abdomen and send it out for testing. My oxygen level was low so I had to go on oxygen. I had so much blood work done on me I felt like a pincushion. I came home on Friday night. I'm on two different diuretics and a very low sodium diet. Crikey!

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    2. lorac


      Thanks for all your good wishes. I'm starting to feel a little better. I have an appointment with my GI this week and I hope she will have some good news for me. I've lost four pounds, which of course is all water retention.

    3. Boatlady


      Well that is some  good news. I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Good luck with Dr. and keep us posted.

    4. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Keeping fingers crossed that the doctor will have some good news for you. Let us know what happens.

  7. Snowed yesterday and had to cancel my trip to see the Peter Max exhibit. It's still on until the end of December, so I hope we can go another time. Expecting more snow today.

    1. ScrapgirlCindy


      that's a shame.....we'll be getting snow today too!

    2. Boatlady


      Yikes more snow.I can say that is one thing I do not miss about the north. I hope get another chance to go see the exhibit. It's chilly here but supposed to get up into the low 70's today...its ok.

  8. My camera is on the fritz. Looks like I'll need to get a new one. Crikey! 😭

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    2. CRS


      Sounds like a great Christmas present!

    3. Boatlady


      Oh no...I thought you just got it. Well good luck. Take it to a camera shop maybe it is something simple that you are missing.

    4. alsoarty


      Oh no! what's happening with it? Maybe it just needs a cleaning and service?

  9. lorac

    Camera photography ?

    I never use my cell phone to take photos. I barely use it at all. I use my Canon EOS Rebel T5 on auto setting. I just get confused with DOF and all the other settings.
  10. lorac

    New Photo a day challenge

    I use Canon EOS Rebel T5.
  11. lorac

    New Photo a day challenge

    How do you shoot with depth of field? I only use AUTO.
  12. lorac

    Song Title Game

    Like A Rolling Stone -- Bob Dylan
  13. Eye of Newt

    Wing of Bat

    Today's the Day

    For Ghosts & Black Cats

    Happy Halloween!

    1. MariJ


      Happy Halloween, Carol!  I know it’s your favorite Holiday.  :) 🎃👻

  14. I've been without internet, phone, and tv service for the past few days. ConEd shut down our electricity for 15 minutes on Tuesday while they were fixing something in our complex. That blew everything out and we had to get the Verizon Cable guy come and fix everything. So now everything is up and running. Woo Hoo!

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    2. Florida granny
    3. Marie-Christine


      That sounds horrible, glad to hear that someone was able to fix it.

    4. MariJ


      Yay, glad you’re back Carol! 

  15. lorac

    photo inside a letter.

    Beautiful photo of the Heron and I like how you blended it into the background. Love how you placed his head through the 'O'. The alpha is so perfect for this layout. I've got to go and dig it out of my stash.