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  1. How can I create sketch overlays using PSE15. The instructions listed in the blog are for CS6. I've tried but things don't work out well.

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    2. lorac


      I always use a white background and I always use 'place' so that I know what product I used.

    3. MariJ


      I was just coming to answer you because I’m trying and it’s working ok.   I just dumped a flower embellishment into PSE like I normally do and that worked fine so placement shouldn’t be an issue.
      When you say the piece you are opening opens with a transparent background, mine does too!  That is how it should open because when you will then use it as a brush or overlay on a paper when you are finished, it needs to have a transparent background.  Does that make sense?    
      I’m sorry if I’m not understanding the issue.    Keep asking and we’ll keep trying!

    4. MariJ


      Actually, the more I read what you are saying, the more I think that might be your issue?   You DO need to have a transparent background for this because you will be putting it onto another background as you would with any other embellishment.    So what you are seeing is correct.   No white background for this!