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  1. Here is my layout for the Tuesday Challenge 9/12/17: New TappanZee Bridge
  2. The NEW TappanZee Bridge is being constructed and should be completed in 2018. The two bottom photos were taken by me as we were driving across the current bridge. The top photo I got off of the internet. The new bridge is beautiful and reminds me of a ships mast. AFT Illuminate -- Paper2 DDS Feeling Free -- Paper-Grunge2 at 35% opacity DDS Fantasmagoria Oneiric -- Butterfly DDS Fantasmagoria Mysterious World -- Screws DDS Fantasmagoria
  3. Butterflies, birds, autumn leaves, and beautiful papers. Can't wait until Friday.
  4. Autumn is my favorite time of year and the trees and water look just beautiful. Love the frame and how you split the photo into several sections.
  5. Love the photo of the squirrel. I think he is so cute. Great background and flower cluster.
  6. Here is my layout for the September Challenge Chase for 9/9/17 My Messy Moving Day
  7. These photos were taken back in July 2008 when I was moving my household items to a storage unit before I moved back to New York. I already had some boxes in a storage unit, and so I just put the rest of my furniture and boxes into the unit. GBE Magical Fall Story -- Papers 3 & 6, Butterfly VJS Raw Umber Collection -- Paper5, Alphas GGD TimberWood Textures Vol 8 -- Paper 1 at 82% Opacity ABL Barn Cats -- Cat 6 ABR SSDLT Alb Ser15_4 SBA SS Tools Styles Felt
  8. Found the ukulele and the culprit that ran away with it:
  9. Love this page. Petey is too cute in his scarecrow outfit. Great frame, pumpkin cluster and pretty background paper.
  10. I think one of the butterflies flew away with the ukulele.
  11. Here is my layout for the Tuesday Challenge 9/4/17: Hawaiian Mojo
  12. Just finished and uploaded my layout for the Tuesday Challenge 9/4/17. I had lost my Mojo, but I finally found her on the beach in Hawaii. She was playing a Ukulele under a Palm Tree with Butterflies flitting around. Hawaiian Mojo
  13. Here is my layout for the Tuesday Challenge 9/4/17 of scrapping an event. The event I used was finding my Mojo. She was on the beach in Hawaii playing her Ukulele. SDE Sea Voices -- Paper SG Summer Emb STI Palm Tree, SPE Sun SDE Come To The Beach -- Sand DDS Damned Souls -- Shells, Leaves, Lizard, Crab BHA Blossom & Blooms Tropical -- Flowers BHA Blossom & Blooms Summer -- Orchid TYO Sails & Whales Collection -- Dolphin GBE Magical Fall Story -- Butterflies
  14. I managed to get one layout done for the Weekend Challenge Sept 2: Chihuly
  15. Here is my layout: Chihuly