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  1. If I remember correctly, in the earlier versions of PSE you were only able to load a certain amount of styles at a time, I think it was about 29 styles. Then when you wanted to add more, you had to swap out an older one before you could add a newer one.
  2. The gallery looks beautiful. Will be back later to LSL. I'm so far behind in leaving comments, I've got to catch up.

    1. MariJ


      Good to see you Carol and thank you!

  3. Finally fixed the problem and it came out perfect. The photo was taken at the Botanical Garden (where else?) a few weeks ago while the Lilacs were just starting to bloom. Lilacs In The Garden
  4. Supplies Used: LLO A Joyful Day Savings Selection -- LLO Stay Neutral Paper -- Quatrefoil Hue/Saturation -29 JRA Vintage Page Builders -- Border_4 used DEB SSStyles Dyed Fabric SDE Summer and Sea Clipping Mask BMU Color Isolation Action -- Red/Purple VJS Hint of Vintage -- Butterfly BHA Blossom & Blooms Summer - Flowers (3) DDS Bluish Reflection -- Bird DEB SSStyles Dyed Fabric Title Fonts Used: Bookman Old Style 48pt & Elephant Regular 36pt
  5. My layout got all messed up. Somehow the brush wasn't showing and so I'm trying to redo it so that the brush can be seen. I used Brandy's isolation action and I ended up with three layers for the photo. I added a ribbon frame to my photo and I think that is when the problem started, and the brush disappeared. Will post later today.
  6. The five embellishments I used were: VJS Hint of Vintage -- Butterfly BHA Blossom & Blooms Summer -- Flowers (3) CRO Jolly Holiday -- Bow recolored using PSE15 Photographic Effects I'm trying to delete the post above this one, as it has the wrong file attached and I can't delete it. Can someone help me?
  7. The five embellishments I used were: VJS Hint of Vintage -- Butterfly BHA Blossom & Blooms Summer -- Flowers (3) CRO Jolly Holiday -- Bow recolored using PSE15 Photographic Effects
  8. If I could visit any landmark, it would be the Pyramids in Egypt. That's been on my wish list for years. My original list was 1)California - lived there for 35 years; 2)Hawaii -- been there 6 times and hoping to go back; 3)Egypt - still haven't visited; 4)England - been there 3 times; 5)Holland - been there once; 5)Germany - been there once. If you came to my neck of the woods you'd have to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, take a cruise on the Hudson River, especially in the Autumn, and stop off at West Point for a wonderful tour and brunch at the Thayer Hotel. Too many other places to name, so I'll just add Historical sites from the Revolutionary War. That should take about six months or more to see. Looking forward to the World Tour. I'm packing now.
  9. I used a clipping mask on my photo. SDE Summer and Sea Clipping Mask
  10. I used grey as my monochrome color with purple as the accent color. I used Brandy's Color Isolation Action (red/purple) on my photo. Background paper is LLO A Joyful Day Savings Selection Paper - Quatrefoil using Hue Saturation to -29. The border is JRA Vintage Page Builders Border_4 on which I used DEB SSStyles Dyed Fabric. The photo is one that I took of a Lilac Bush in the new Lilac garden at the Botanical Garden.
  11. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother's Day. Blessings to everyone from me and my kids: Tini, Leo, Pookie, Minnie and Shannon.:clapping_kitty:

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Thank you, Carol and kitties. :)

  12. Here is my layout for Week 2: Robin Red Breast
  13. Walking through the Botanical Garden, I came upon this cute little Robin. For me, Spring hasn't arrived until I spot a Robin. Supplies Used: DEB Boho Garden JIF Plus -- Flower Sticker, Background Paper, Butterfly GWH Beautiful Day Savings Selection -- Paper SDE Spring Greetings Brush Set -- Tulip Brushes GWH Always & Forever Savings Selection -- Word Art, Frame KME SSStyles Spring Eternal Glitter DDS Hortense Collection -- Cat
  14. I'm thinking, thinking, thinking......
  15. Yes! Please bring back the 'like' button.