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  1. Thanks for the beautiful layout, Carla. I love how you arranged my photos and even managed to add my journalling to the page. Love the template you used and the two pages look fabulous together.
  2. Here is my layout for Kelly for the May Swap. Sorry I'm late in uploading it. I was a day behind thinking today was Saturday. Fern Grotto
  3. Supplies Used: VRA Aloha Paper Mini -- Paper MAD Luau Collection -- Hula Dancers BHA Blossom & Blooms Tropical -- Fern, Anthurium Flower VRA Hula Sue -- Leaf, Tiki Statue, Gecko MJO Planet Earth -- Butterfly
  4. Here is my finished layout: Outstanding Orchids
  5. New York Botanical Garden has an Orchid Exhibit every year and I've been going to them since I moved back to New York in 2008. Orchids are gorgeous and have beautiful colors. I especially like the Slipper Orchid Supplies Used: JRA Spring Tweets -- Papers 1 & 2 JRA Vintage Page Builders -- Butterfly VJS A Hint of Vintage -- Paper_13 DDS Spring Mix 929 -- Splatter, Leaves BUM Tropicana -- Parrot, Flower BHA Blossoms & Blooms Tropical -- Orange Flower BHA Blossoms & Blooms Summer -- Teal Flower DRB Blushing Orchids -- Alphas (Title)
  6. I agree with you Marilyn. I would love to see classes again. Especially ones on paper templates, clipping masks, and brushes. I would also love more butterflies, garden collections, animal collections (especially cats), and frames.
  7. Sorry to hear about your foot. Hope you are up and about real soon.
  8. Love how you cut the patterned paper up into small blocks. Give me ideas on how to use papers.
  9. Added seven embellishments to my layout: DDS Spring Mix 929 -- Splatter, Flower BMU Tropicana Collection -- Parrot, Flower JRA Vintage Page Builders 2 Value Pack -- Butterfly BHA Blossom & Blooms Tropical -- Orange Blossom BHA Blossom & Blooms Summer -- Teal Flower
  10. I'm all caught up today. Changed the bottom right photo to Sepia.
  11. Chose three photos that I took at the Botanical Garden Orchid Show.
  12. Here are the papers that I chose and I'll probably rearrange them later. VJS Hint of Vintage Collection Mini -- Paper_13 JRA Spring Tweets Collection -- Paper-1 JRA Spring Tweets Paper Mini -- Paper_2
  13. One of the first collections that I purchased was TCS Naturescape Embellishments Biggie (retired) and BHA Blossom and Blooms (retired). This is one of the first layouts that I did of Cissy and Martini, just shortly after Cissy passed away. I used papers and embellishments from Scrapbook Max. Cissy & Martini First SG layout using SG product: Molly on Christmas Night
  14. I got behind on the Slow Scrap. My sister has been having problems with a pinched nerve on the left side of her neck and is causing problems with her memory. We went over to Urgent Care and they did some tests including a CAT scan. All came out okay. She is on some anti-inflammatory and that seems to be helping some. I told her to call her regular doctor and tell him what is going on. I just hope it's not the beginning of Alzheimers. Then my friend Ricky called me in the afternoon and told me that his brother passed away. He was at the doctors and had a stroke. He lives in Florida and his wife had a stroke last year while they were on a cruise.
  15. If I remember correctly, in the earlier versions of PSE you were only able to load a certain amount of styles at a time, I think it was about 29 styles. Then when you wanted to add more, you had to swap out an older one before you could add a newer one.