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  1. And she's wearing a crown.
  2. Something strange is happening when I upload a layout. Instead of the usual name of the layout, I get numbers and letters in its place. I noticed that crzymry also had this happening. I went back and edited my caption to its title.

    1. MariJ


      Hi Carol.  I don't know why, but that also happens to me ever since the new Gallery.  If I look in between all the crazy letters and numbers I can usually find the words of my own title, so I end up deleting the crazy things, leaving the title I thought I started with!

    2. lorac


      I guess the gremlins are back. This is the first time this has happened to one of my layouts. :disappearing-smilie:

  3. Here is my layout: I'm In The Photo
  4. While visiting my cousin Vince in the rehab, this photo was taken of me, my sister Donna, Cousins John and Johann and Vince. CAB One Girl Paper Mini -- Paper12 DDS A Look Back -- Overlay SDE A Sunny Day -- Flowers EMA Waterworks Emb Mini Flutters -- Butterfly RVD With My Whole Heart -- Hearts
  5. I joined SG November 6, 2007. I found it in a list of the top digital scrapping sites. I had been paper scrapping when I heard about digital and figured that I would give it a try. I've not been sorry since. I love all the challenges and of course the product put out by our fabulous designers. I was terrified about uploading my first layout, but someone gave me the courage to put my layout in the gallery. Like Ngaire, I was so surprised and pleased that someone actually liked it. That gave me the incentive to continue with this new world of digital.
  6. Here is my layout for the color challenge: Botanical Garden
  7. Finished my Weekend Challenge for October 14th, and here it is: Botanical Garden
  8. These are some photos that I took while visiting the New York Botanical Garden over the years. The two top right photos are of Chihuly glass sculptures. Bottom right photo is a Croton plant, which is very colorful and can grow quite tall. The top left photo is a pink hibiscus. Middle left photo is a Caladium which comes in many colors and its leaves are quite delicate. The bottom left photo is of a beautiful table that was on sale in their Botanical Garden Store. They always have beautiful objects on sale as well as plants and flowers. GWH SSDLOT Just Blend It1_5 -- I added more photo frames Styles used: EHI Creative Spirit and AFT Budding Gradients SNU Everyday Stories -- Paper, Flower Cluster DRB Happy Together -- Butterfly FLO Hello July -- Bird DDS Les Petits Bonheurs -- Dragonfly DDS Love Blooms Here Saving Selection -- Butterfly
  9. This will be another fun week at SG. I hope to do as many games and challenges as I can.
  10. Here is my completed layout: Wind 2 Journaling taken from a poem written by Jan Allison entitled My Garden: Beautiful butterflies gently alight on my flowers dancing on the summer breeze. My garden is such a colorful sight.
  11. I took the photo of the butterfly was taken at the Norwalk Aquarium Butterfly Exhibit in 2015. ASO Alluring Autumn -- Paper, Word Art DDS When Nature Falls Asleep -- Leaf Scatter, Butterfly, Bird JRA Color Me Autumn -- Frame EBA White Pumpkin Value Pack -- Twig Border BHA Blossom & Blooms -- Cattails CBA Antique Charm -- Alpha
  12. Somehow my last PSD file for this was saved as a flattened file, which means I have to re-do the layout. Be back with it later.
  13. Thank you all for your sympathy. My sister and I are heading to the funeral in a little while, so I'll be off of the board for awhile today.

    1. MariJ


      So sorry for your loss, Carol.   Thinking of you and sending hugs.

    2. Smiles


      blessings to you all, Carol

  14. Can't find the newsletter. Do you know where it might be?
  15. Here is my layout for the Tuesday 10/10 Newsletter Challenge: Birthdays Annual 4th of July Celebration