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  1. https://www.pinterest.com/bjc1/quotes/ HERE IT IS
  2. here is a link to one i just saved hope it works. let me know. also if you go to my pinterest page i have a page i call quotes where i save alot of quotes i like. you can see if anything grabs you
  3. I use photoshop cc and my 7 year old grandson who has been using his own point and shoot camera since he was 3 and i use photoshop together. of course he needs some help but he can do some things himself, like shapes, transform, copy and paste. he has the idea of layers. I cant afford to buy him photoshop and it is too complicated but i see that photoshop elements 15 is selling for $89 and would like to get it for him for a gift. can someone tell me how different it is and will i be able to quickly figure it out so i can show him how to use elements?
  4. they usually work in later versions but hoping someone knows for sure...i am glad you posted this cause it reminded me i have it and have to go use it soon..
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    hi michelle... nice to see you and wow the kids have grown... funny how that happens to us all. i now have 7 grandkids. i too feel that sg was a great place, i have made a lot of friends and really learned so much about scrapping and using photoshop