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  1. This is lovely, Joyce! Thanks for using Shamrock!
  2. Dusty looks grand in his green bow tie! And the page looks great!
  3. I'm just so impressed by this layout. I love the use of the scatters in the neutral tone.
  4. OH! I love how you highlighted the photo with the clear heart!
  5. Oh my gosh this is so beautiful! The floral mask is like an extension of your photo - brilliantly placed. And I especially like the vine circling that lovely cherub fountain. A masterpiece! Thanks for using the Afresh collection for this amazing layout!
  6. hmm... I created a style like this when I was designing Kristen Collection. I used it for the diamond studded star embellishment - but for some reason I didn't use it for anything else. I'll take another look at it to see if I can get it marketable for your use too!
  7. Sorry this took so dang long, but here it is! Thanks so much everyone for your input. It really helped! Flirty Flamingo Collection
  8. One

    So simply beautiful. I love the touch with the scatter.
  9. What a fantastic layout! Love your polaroid frame and the castle in the background. Awesome paper stacking too!
  10. This is incredibly lovely. I absolutely adore the blended background. What a sweet moment to capture!
  11. This is absolutely amazing! Love how you've captured the theme of the photos with your supplies.
  12. Thanks everyone! The winning color set is the the vintage/retro poster, but not by a lot. And yes - watch for flamingos!
  13. Oh, I'm just in love with this layout!
  14. It's incredible!
  15. Wow I really love your background! and the out of bounds technique wowzerz!