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  1. This is really cool!
  2. Sorry it's been so long. The jewel tones were the favorite! I haven't forgotten about this and I've been working on it. but i still need your help! I've been kind of stuck on what embellishments to include besides general ribbons and flowers. So far I've got a jousting knight, a lute, a tankard, a sword, a set of armor, a turkey leg. Is there anything else you'd like to see?
  3. This is so lovely and touching. Simply wonderful!
  4. This is incredible! I love, LOVE, the stacked paper strips here! and the pinned ribbon cluster! And the frames! AAAAH!
  5. I totally spaced out on this one! I'm glad that there is a slight delay so that I can get something together. Thanks Carla!
  6. I love how you reimagnined the photo in your supplies.
  7. This is lovely! I especially like the pop of blue beneath the photos. Thank you for using Harmony and making it look so good!
  8. Thank you for reminding me how much I love Brandy's layout templates! This is beautiful. I really liked the papers in Suddenly Summer and I am so pleased to see you using them stacked so beautifully.
  9. Soft tones are leading, but Jewel tones are catching up! And Jewel tones are the leader on the Facebook poll.
  10. This is really nice! I like how you stacked the papers. The little flower clusters draw the eye to the photos. What a great page to remember a great trip!
  11. Have you been following this topic? I can use your help with a new collection: Go to this thread to help: I need your help with a Renaissance / Medieval Collection
  12. Have you been following this topic? I need your help with a color palette - take a look here! I need your help with a Renaissance / Medieval Collection
  13. I know it's been some time since I said I was going to start this. It got on my back burner after my grandson came to live with us full time. But he's going back with his mom and I have back my free time/me time, consequently design time. I want to get back to this to have it ready scrapping my own photos of our annual trip to the Faire this fall. And I'd like your help! What would you like to see in a color palette? Here are some choices: