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  1. The scarf I'm knitting now (dog hair and all).
  2. Here's my Green photo for day 4 - the lovely green cover of my Advent devotion book.
  3. I had avocado toast for breakfast and didn't think to take a picture for today's challenge!!
  4. I'd love to see a picture of how these turned out!
  5. Day 3 - List/Planning. Here is my December month in my planner. Still have to add my goals.
  6. Photo a Day #2 - Dom having fun with my favorite Christmas movie!
  7. The "twist" is BYOB!
  8. Here's my fun photo for the 1st - went to a Painting With A Twist class last night!
  9. ooh! I might be able to be there. I'd love to try it!
  10. I may be chiming in a little late here, but if anyone is still looking for corkboard and push pins, there is a lot of it in Simple Joys Collection Biggie: Pegboard sounds fun too!
  11. I missed the chat too, but my signature was due for and update for sure! here's my Siggie! All the new ones look great!
  12. My set was there today! All of these are wonderful. thanks everyone, and you Carla for organizing!
  13. Oh I was hoping I'd get mine today, but sadly no. I look forward to tomorrow with bated breath!
  14. "Reading" digital scrapbooking layout by Elisha Barnett includes the following products: Marigold Sky Paper Marigold Sky Embellishments Marigold Sky Alpha and Word Art Autumn Tropics Collection Super Mini