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  1. Wendy J

    2017 Calendars

    I know it takes a lot of time and love Wendy. My family loves them too. So proud to be a part of your gift giving! Hey I have a question for you.... just curious... Do you use one Collection for the whole Calendar or make a different look for each month? I always wondered. Each year is different. Sometimes I used pictures from trips, local pics we've taken, sometimes I use pictures of the family birthday person - so I rarely used one Collection for the whole calendar - I just go with what fits the picture.
  2. Wendy J

    2017 Calendars

    Brandy, I make a calendar for each family and extended family member, personalize them and they become part of a Christmas gift. Everyone loves to receive them. I must also say that you have always been one of my favorite SG designers.
  3. I'm wondering if Brandy Murry is creating one of her calendars for 2017. I've used them every year for the last several years and love them. My projects to be created before end of November are mounting up and I wanted to get an early start on my calendar. Thanks, Wendy