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  1. I love this! Beautifully done!
  2. My daughter and I had occasion to take a road trip together through the Canadian Rockies this past June. We had a wonderful time, enhanced by the gorgeous scenery! I used Brandy Murry's Travel Journal Value Pack and Countryside I apologize, I can't find the kit from which the ribbon down the side came. I accidentally deleted my entire photo folder not long ago and while I was able to recover the jpgs, the psd's were not recoverable. And that's where I store the information about what kids I used. So my deepest apologies to the creator of the lovely ribbon I used down the left side. I used a blending mode to make it transparent and then added a drop shadow so it looks like the photo is textured. I have looked through my supply folders and I guess I have too many supplies (I know, not possible!) because I just can't seem to find it! If anyone know what kit this is from I'll confirm and give credit!

    © Heather Penner

  3. Congrats on your winning layout. Love your screen name.

  4. I've been going through some vintage photos my mother uncovered and having a great time preserving them in scrapbook pages! I love this wedding photo of my grandparents, taken in 1932. Supplies used: ABR Chic Instinct ASO Weathered Wood style
  5. Another beautiful club kit! I love the stunning colours in this kit and they worked perfectly with this picture of my daughters. I forgot to put a date on it, and I'm not sure where it should go. Any suggestions? Supplies used: ABR Wonderful You ABR Nature Walk