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  1. I've made this recipe several times and eveyone really enjoys it. Supplies used: SG Exuberance_Paper_DEB_purple SG Exuberance_Paper_DEB_flowers_purple
  2. Sorry, I got this on the wrong site.
  3. This recipe is really good. Hope everyone enjoys it. Supplies used: MAD_Christmas Eve_Special_Emb_Frame TYO_AYO_ChristmasTree-3pcbulbstring TYO_AYO_ChristmasTree_3pctree
  4. Poppy Seed Bread. This recipe is from a friend I used to work with.
  5. I'm having a horrible time getting used to PSE 11!!! Hopefully next time the card will be better. Supplies used: SNU_FrmdTreasures Crockpot1.jpg SG_Refresh2 BHA_Sylize_12x12_YellowWash
  6. I haven't made this in a while, but it's really good and I thought it would be a good addition to this swap. All supplies came from PWR_Thankful.
  7. Grilled Onion Slices. I think I've posted this one before, but it's a good one. Supplies: EHI_DaddyO_one_EmbSpec-grill BHA_AbstExpr_Emb3_TornNote BHA_AbstExpr_Emb3_PaintStrokes-Red BHA_AbstExpr_12x12_RedDots
  8. These are my go-to pancakes. My grandson loves them. They are actually from the Southern Living Cookbook. Supplies: AMC_SunnyDay AMC_FruitSmoothie
  9. SallyA

    Frog Eye Salad

    We love this recipe at my house. All supplies are from AMC_FruitSmoothie.
  10. The suggestions on the recipe say you can replace the onion soup mix with an herb soup or mushroom soup mix for a different flavor. Supplies used: BVA_SSLayer_RecipeCard_borderdot VRA_BatikPlain_Paper_Special_Beige
  11. This sounds great and so easy. Very nice card. Thanks for sharing.
  12. This is definitely one of our favorites and we make it frequently. Supplies used: SG_Refresh BVA_SSCardTemplates_RecipeCard ABR_GypsyBoots_12x12_SolidBlue
  13. One cup. Drain the pineapple and then add however much water you need to it to make one cup. Thanks for the nice comment!
  14. This is really good at Christmas, but works well any other time too. All supplies are from AMC_FruitSmoothie
  15. I love this card with the photo in it. What a great way to honor her.
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