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  1. Thank you! I haven't tried any calendar pages and am trying to come up with some ideas to really customize one. I appreciate your help.
  2. Another question, (and so soon!) thanks for the help. if I buy the Value pack calendar set, do you know if I can insert little photos on some of the DAY spaces? Like a birthday cake for a birth date? or maybe a turkey on thanksgiving? specifically, can I put whatever I want, photo wise on the little day spaces? or just the big ones over the months? Thanks!
  3. awww, You are the BEST! I had a feeling there was a way! OK, now to play with them and see what I can make. Thanks so VERY much. oooh, gotta another question... Ill post it new... again, Thank you all!
  4. Hi Everyone, I hoping someone knows what I mean when I ask if the Dynamic brushes can go straight, lol! For instance, when i do a lace or stitching one, can I make it follow a path somehow, instead of being dependent on my ability to draw a straight line? thanks for any hints!
  5. this layout looks terrific! what a cool idea using the buttons that way... Please tell me what font you used, Thanks!
  6. ooops, now i see i put this in the wrong group and i should've put it in weddings. sigh. what a learning curve...
  7. This is my first layout of my daughter's wedding, which was at a castle and themed after the movie, "The Princess Bride." It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding and best of all, I really love my new son-in-law! All the elements I used were from Heraldic Crest, (which was fun playing with!) and the red frame was a brush from EHI SSLYO AntPhotFrame set.
  8. I love how clearly you can see their faces. the black and white with the red cap just draw you into their expressions. great photo and really nice layout!
  9. Thanks for the hints! I discovered i had already purchased Heraldic Crest but lost it, so i sent a note and Angie resent it. whew, so nice to have it. Thats what I used yesterday to do my first wedding layout. Then I just checked to see if i have Kingdom, and i don't have the kit but i do have one cool page, called BMU Kingdom "super pack special" Not sure if that was an add on i got, or if i had the kit and lost it, but thanks for the hint and allowing me to find that one page at least. I REALLY appreciate the help. you all are terrific. I'm going to post my first wedding layout now... Yea! Hugs, Amy
  10. OM! I just went to buy it and it says I already bought it, LOL! Now to find it....
  11. Thanks! I think i can use a lot of that!
  12. Hi, Im looking for Renaissance type things, castles, dragons, moats, swords... I had a wish list item ages ago, called AMC StoryCastle embellishments but i guess that doesn't exist any more and it was cute, but childish and I'm hoping for more adult looking things. One of my daughters just got married in a Castle and had a Princess Bride themed wedding, so any help is very appreciated. Thanks! I'm trying to get back into all this, its been a slow learning curve, again! sigh. still amazing and fun, though. Amy
  13. Wow, this is GREAT! I'm going to have to try those floating photo thingies, they set the different aspects of your pics off just right! Really beautifully done.
  14. Thank you for the comments! its fun to be back on scrap girls. can any of you tell me how to link back to my page the way others have done?
  15. We moved here, to near Pinehurst, North Carolina, (south, central, NC) from the Baltimore, Washington area six years ago. Lots of Fort Bragg Neighbors...about an hour drive. I'm up for planning a get together if we can figure it out. I love seeing the address: Columbia, MD and thinking I just got my license when the mall was built! They were just opening up interstate 95 and it stopped at Columbia... Wow, I'm OLD!