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  1. michgirl

    Project Life 2018

    I do like the idea of a weekly. Give me some motivation to take more pictures and scrap just a bit more. Thanks.
  2. michgirl

    Project Life 2018

    I would love to give it a try. A little timid here, but willing to see if I can keep up with everyone.
  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to you from all of us at Scrap Girls - we're sending you wishes for a happy and wonderul blessed day.

  4. Love the new look here!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Sara!

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday to you from all of your Scrap Girl Friends - sending you wishes for a happy and wonderul blessed day.

  7. Hi, Michelle - thanks for stopping by and saying Hi. I have Michgirl because I am from Michigan and absolutely could not think of anything else! But I like the name Mich for Michelle. That's cute!

  8. I see your name is Robin, but when I first saw your screen name I thought you were another Michele like me. When I was in junior high, my aunt gave me the nickname Mich. :)

  9. michgirl

    Feb Week 1 - Light

    That is just so pretty and captured so nicely! Love the rich colors, and the light and the total look you captured.
  10. so excited for class - better go get a seat!

  11. michgirl

    I Got Braces

    What a great layout and great pictures. Love the handwriting and her smile!
  12. Now this one is very unique - great job, it is adorable!
  13. michgirl

    week 50

    I love the layout - amazing! A whole year of layouts? That is quite a feat!
  14. michgirl


    Scrapping 2010
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