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  1. When I jumped to Photoshop from PSE, I purchased "The Missing Manual Photoshop" and it helped tremendously. I read the entire book and learned so much.
  2. Barbara - Found them, thanks! They are perfect. Pretty sure they are about the same as the templates in Paper Rosettes. Should work for what I need. Thanks again!
  3. FOUND IT! I think this will work - thanks again. http://store.scrapgirls.com/p22176.php
  4. Becky - Thank you for responding - that is what I am looking for, only more of a template for that, as I want to make it in layers. I will use that if I cannot find the other. Thanks again.
  5. I am wanting to make a centerpiece with ribbons, much like a prize ribbon. For the very first layer, I am looking for a circle template that looks like it was pleated, or folder, if that explains it right. I am digging through the boutique, but wondered if anyone could point me there? Thank you so very much. Robin