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  1. What a beautiful photo and I agree the lighting is great. Really like how you divided the page and used the big "s" in your Title.
  2. Love this Amy! The paper combinations and palette are beautiful and I love the photos!
  3. Both beautiful layouts! Congratulations Carol and Jane!
  4. It does take a little time to learn the tricks etc. I did manage to finish one with just the Cricut and now I'm playing around with some stamping and using the Big Shot, an oh... I played with some of that mousse stuff... lol that was kinda fun. Have to say tho, just figuring out what size of card I should be using and what adhesives to use etc is a bit of an adventure for me. I've thrown away a few because I've messed them up when almost done just by using liquid glue instead of dots/tape/or whatever I was supposed to use. Had no idea so much actually went into creating cards. I'm sure soon it will be old hat and I'll be reaching for the right things to use without a 2nd thought. Promise, I will show you what I create once something is actually worthy of showing
  5. Wow! Love the results! Paint can and brush were such perfect choices for this layout and I like how you listed the changes on the clipboard. Your paint color and flooring choices really make your cabinets and appliances pop, and the island flip... yes.... OCD me would have been driven nuts with it the other way LOL.
  6. Great photos and I really like the stitching with the little flowers that you added to the edge
  7. How wonderful that after 52 years of friendship you finally got to meet face to face. That must have been a fabulous get-together! Love the layout you have made to celebrate your friendship and getting to see each other at last.
  8. Aww she is adorable! Such a beautiful smile! The background is perfect for these photos. I really like how you used the frames and the staples and the pop of pink in the buttons and her name.
  9. She is soooo adorable! Love the color combo, the framing and the flamingo just totally makes it complete! Love this!
  10. oh this is so sweet! Really like how you used the photo template and the little pops of color against the wintery blues.
  11. What a great photo! You caught her at the perfect moment! I like how the border and the ribbon give you that water movement feeling and leads into blue tile paper and gives the layout a nicely balanced effect.
  12. She certainly is lovely! Such a beautiful layout. Great blending of the papers with the mask and brushes and finished off with such delicate embs. Did you use a color action or overlay on the photo? The color match is perfect!
  13. Perfect photo for this collection! I like how you repeated the game pieces from the photo with the embellishments, the blending of the papers and where you placed your journaling. Great Layout!
  14. This caught my eye right away this morning. I love nature layouts Your blending and bokka effect are wonderful and I like how you used the embs to "hold" the frame in place. The drop shadows on that are great.
  15. I think this is something that was suggested in the "Wish I had" thread. I'm not sure, but it rings a bell. Angie may have this in the works already.