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  1. GinnyW

    Folder backgrounds

    It’s a flaw with Windows 10 you didn’t do anything wrong 😀.
  2. GinnyW

    Sneak Peek 4/26

  3. GinnyW

    My best friend

    This layout is fantastic! Love how you have used the paper templates, brushes and masks. Just beautiful! (and I want that puppy )
  4. GinnyW

    Wondering and Waiting: April 2019 ScrapSimple Club

    Just love this layout Sue! The combination of the two masks for the photos, and the background paper you created and the delicate use of embellishments are just gorgeous. The content is so special and makes me smile. This is a beautiful moment in time to preserve.
  5. GinnyW


    Beautiful layout Geraldine It is such a lovely combination of the Club and The Give Thanks Collection.
  6. GinnyW

    Fairytale wedding

    So gorgeous! Thank you for creating this lovely layout for the Club
  7. Hi Brenda, I use Scor-Tape for my non-liquid adhesive and Art Glitter Glue for my liquid adhesive. The only drawback on the Art Glitter Glue is that if it is shipped in too cold of weather it will freeze and be unusable. I stock up in the summer months so I have enough to last through out the winter months. It works great tho, once it's glued down it doesn't come up. Undu will not even remove it.
  8. GinnyW

    Welcome Word Art World

    Hi Jen! Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  9. GinnyW

    Sneak Peek 12/7

    I love designing for Christmas
  10. GinnyW

    Scary face

    Love this layout. So Spooky! Great Job Andrea
  11. GinnyW


    What a beautiful layout. Love the blend of the papers with your wonderful choice of embs. Super photo! I remember having a haircut like that too
  12. GinnyW

    Black bear diner dinner

    Love how you combined the papers and brushes for this layout Andrea! Such a great layout!