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  1. Wow!  The forum looks fabulous!  Great job Debbie and team!!

  2. Welcome Back Helen! Can't wait to see that new grandbaby
  3. Welcome to Scrap Girls
  4. Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  5. Hi Sonia, Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  6. Beautiful page! Love the color theme. Those little penguins are so cute and I like the focal point you created with your photo cluster.
  7. This is always so much fun! Good Luck everyone!
  8. This collection was inspired by all of the Elf antics going on in my daughters house. I couldn't resist. Miss Skittles layout uses the Naughty Or Nice Collection Journaling reads: The girls were so excited when the elf came to their house this year. There was quite a discussion as to what her name would be. They finally settled on Ms. Skittles. Little did they know that their new member of the family would cause such havoc. She has surprised them every morning with new antics. I think their favorite so far was when she drew faces on all of the eggs.They anxiously await to see what she will do next. Title tags on the photos from left to right: Stuck to the Fridge, Egg Attack, Lamp Sitting, Brush Those Teeth, TP'd the girls computer room and bedrooms, Road Race with the other toys.

    © @Ginny Whitcomb

  9. Welcome to Scrap Girls Carol! So sorry to hear about your album but hopefully you will have a "new and improved" version soon
  10. Hello Heike! Welcome to Scrap Girls! It's great to have you here!
  11. She is so beautiful! Congratulations Conda! I love the layout you have created for her!
  12. Welcome to Scrap Girls Linda!
  13. Welcome To Scrap Girls! So glad to have you here!
  14. Welcome to Scrap Girls Gene! Excited for your store opening!
  15. She is so sweet and so tiny. Such a pretty layout with the grey framing and the pink background.