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  1. Thank you for the information on ranks, but honestly, I doubt I'll ever reach even 2500 😊 Here is a 4x6 I quickly digiscrapped to document this year's 'sloth-on-the shelf' at our house. After printing, I placed on 8x11 cardstock and in th e album, then wrote my journaling and added a few conventional embelishments without making it the page too dimensional. Much of my scrapbooking is of this type. Because it's fast and easy, I can "tell a story" almost every day & stay current with my recordkeeping. But posting in forums/galleries doesnt work for me because I make a lot of my own elements or use stuff from various digital websites and designers so ... there is that! I would like some day to take an advanced class & learn how to create more of my own elements and fine-tune the techniques I now use.
  2. How funny: it says I am a new scrapper on the block. I've been a forum member since 2007. Elements 11. It does everything I need. And I still use many of the daily freebies from that early time. Timeless stuff. I just dont post much anywhere. I'm a hybrid scrapper, in that I do some work digitally, 4x6, 3x4, then use it in a conventional way. I dont fit in any one category of scrapbooking. But I enjoy the creative process, and looking back on my ALBUMS, seeing the events and people that are our lives. I do it so the memories remain ever fresh.
  3. Thank you, everyone - I am purchasing Syndee's Chocolate Candy style. Looks good to me. I will play around with the shadow, as suggested - and thank you for that tip. HAPPY NEW (creative) YEAR to all!
  4. I want to turn a script font title into 'chocolate style' - see attached picture. Does an action or a style exist in the shop? Or would one of the talented artists a ccept the challenge? Thank you. Vianna