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  1. Thank you all for the good wishes! I really have enjoyed all of this, it is a little hard to step away but I know it is the right thing to do. Thank you for all your encouragement!
  2. YES! I am retiring my store. Thank you all for being so great and encouraging. I am going to miss the challenge of designing. I loved doing the clubs over the past few years. They kept me in the game, but as Angie said I am so busy with life right now, I can't really join in as much as I would like. I am excited to see all of the changes in the store and all the new designers!
  3. LissaD


    Very Pretty! Great colors. I am ready for some strawberries already.
  4. Wonderful! I love how you used the template and added your own special touch.
  5. So fun! Great job using the club pieces. I love the reflection selfie.. :)
  6. LissaD


    Beautiful! I love it!
  7. LissaD

    January 2017 desktop

    Beautiful and simple, love it!
  8. LissaD


    oooh fun. Love the bright colors.
  9. LissaD


    SO much fun to have fruit trees. I have been wanting them all my life, but the houses we were in never worked out. Great layout. Thanks for sharing.
  10. LissaD

    SS January #2

    Great Layout, love the title with the wood!
  11. LissaD

    Smoky & Me

    What a pretty cat! I love it, Great job.
  12. LissaD


    Lovely page! Great use of the frames and the photos of your dog.
  13. Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoy the new club! I love starting the new year with a new collection.

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    2. CRS


      I absolutely love the new club! We are huge fans of Fixer Upper, so this is right up our alley! Thank you!

    3. mbc72


      Beautiful club, Melissa, thank you!

    4. BarbaraC1977
  14. LissaD

    Pumpkin Spice Spread

    YUM! I love this. Great card.
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