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  1. SodScrap

    Great Gazpacho

    Adorable card Diane! Your colors are perfect for Gazpacho!
  2. SodScrap


    Sweet photos! I especially like the pop of yellow and the fun title!
  3. SodScrap

    My Valentines

    Such great photos, I like that they are black and white with the stamp frame. It really sets them nicely on your page.
  4. SodScrap

    Love My Girl

    Great background choice for your collage of photos!! A sweet page for sweet photos.
  5. SodScrap

    Tuesday Challenge 2/11/2020 - Love: Family

    GORGEOUS photos Marilyn. So crisp. What a lovely layout. I like the soft background with the pops of glitter. Look at those smiles!!
  6. SodScrap

    Newsletter Challenge

    Love this! Love the photo. Great blending (always...) and the sunburst/glare is stunning with the soft colors.
  7. SodScrap


    Great monochromatic design, it really brings out the black and white photos!
  8. SodScrap

    Enjoy Baby

    Adorable photos! I really like the patchwork design of patterns and photos. Great layout!
  9. Jane, so interesting and yummy!!! And...PUMPKIN. Yum. I like the blended background and your embellishment cluster of veggies is perfect!
  10. SodScrap

    Feb 2020 SG Recipe Swap - Soup: Spinach Soup

    This is different!! Sounds delicious. I like the shades of green you chose, they are perfect, Marilyn.
  11. SodScrap

    Totally yours

    Lovely, Andrea! I really like the patchwork heart and your word art is perfect!
  12. SodScrap

    2/11 Newsletter Challenge: Love

    Precious photo! I really like the lace details and layers along with the ripped textures. Lovely!
  13. SodScrap

    Newsletter Challenge

    I really like the stacked layers under your precious photo, Debby! 48 years, so awesome!!
  14. SodScrap

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 2/11/20

    Celebrate Everyday love
  15. SodScrap

    Celebrate Love

    Celebrating love with cupcakes during a recent visit! DRB_Birthday-Party KSC_BirthdayGirl_Paper_BigDots-Yellow LLO_SSEmb_SweetTooth_cupcake dt_DSD_Ayg2015 waw_a_sweet_life