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  1. SodScrap

    Laptop recommendations

    I totally get that! I only had to change my PS so it was worth it to me! Hope you have a new machine up and running soon!
  2. SodScrap

    August Monthly Challenges

    I was gone for the last three weekends, one moving our daughter. This weekend all kids/grandkids are here, so my post count is not climbing very quickly this month!
  3. SodScrap

    Feeding the Geese (Calder's)

    Great layout Bea! I really like the yellow on the wood background, and the embellishment clusters are perfect!
  4. SodScrap

    August Challenge#2_Our Room

    This is the perfect background for your photos. What a great room! A cozy layout for a cozy room!
  5. SodScrap

    Sneak Peek 8/16

    Can't wait for Friday!! Great work ladies! THANK YOU!!
  6. SodScrap

    Laptop recommendations

    MacBook Pro!!
  7. SodScrap


    GORGEOUS photo!! The multiple frames on the photo are just perfect. Also, the neutral background and embellishments are the perfect accompaniment to the photo.
  8. SodScrap

    Monthly challenge-Frame

    I really like this photo frame! It looks like a book but then I see the black frame also, great combination!
  9. SodScrap


    Petunias, my favorite! I have two wash tubs (square) with petunias in them. Some might just be this color! Great extraction on your photo, I like the way it sits on the frame. Well done!
  10. SodScrap

    Photographing Every Moment.jpg

    Oh! I really like the pop of teal/turquoise brush/grunge work on the edges!! I really like the country photo, it lends itself nicely for the BW treatment.
  11. SodScrap

    Relaxing 2019.jpg

    This background is perfect for your sweet photo! I like the layered pieces under your journaling. Great layout for this challenge!
  12. SodScrap


    This is an awesome quote and it is perfect for this photo. I like the blending and the oval frame. Great work!
  13. SodScrap

    Monthly challenge_B&W photo

    This is an amazing photo to treasure for certain! I like the blending (always) and the soft/neutral colors really compliment the BW photo perfectly.
  14. SodScrap

    monthly challenge_frame

    I really like the blending and framework!! I also like the way you incorporated the wave with the title/subtitle.