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  1. Don't you just love old barns? I like that you used the chicken wire to direct the eye on the layout.
  2. SodScrap

    April 2

    This is beautiful! I like the simple background with all of those butterflies!! Lovely photo.
  3. Happy Monday!!  I'm backing up my scrapping supplies and photos this morning.  Is your back up current??

    1. Celestine


      Ugh. No. Thanks for the reminder.

    2. angleigh


      Just did it this weekend!

    3. scrapgarden


      Yep. Mine backs up to the cloud automatically all the time. With a separate backup to a HD which I run every few days.

  4. I really like the colors of this layout on the washed wood background. Great clusters and word art.
  5. These photos are gorgeous!! Such an amazing sunrise! I like the way you used the smaller photos and stamp frames to create the "square" of text.
  6. I really like this layout! The photos and journaling tells the story well. I like the industrial papers and especially the "caution" embellishment!
  7. You guys are rocking these challenges!!! By the way...has anyone seen my mojo? I mean, I can open PS but I can't even chose a photo or two to start a layout. GRRRRRRR. I hate it when this happens. MAYBE (figures crossed) after dinner and spending time outside taking care of bird feeders I will have some inspiration. One can hope!!
  8. Great title work! I like the way you arranged and framed the photos. Looks like a great place for ice cream.
  9. Great rock art, Laura! I like the patterned papers along with the large bright flowers. Great layout.
  10. What a lovely day!! Great photos and journaling to share the story of this day.
  11. Great sketch work on the photo, Marilyn! I like the wire heart framing their hands. So sweet.
  12. Awww, this is a sweet layout for a precious photo! I like the red border and alpha, they draw the eye right to the photo. I like the sprinkle of hearts also.
  13. I like the wire border and the photos framed in the binoculars. So clever!
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