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  1. I use this shortcut to copy layers.
  2. Welcome back! Looks like you are on the right track, blinkies are fixed.
  3. 20th September Add at least nine embellishments to your layout.
  4. I thought of you when I saw the butterflies Carol!
  5. Leaves and dragonflies and birds OH MY!!!
  6. I love this layout already Diane!!! DH is doing well. He's out in the shop working...thankfully it's a rain day (week???) so he can do light duty. AND, since he is here, I can keep an eye on him!
  7. 19th September Add an odd number of photos to your layout.
  8. These are so pretty!!!
  9. I spend A LOT of time in the new truck (purchased June 12) has OVER 13,000 miles on it!!! No wonder I am tired! I have to confess though, I didn't scrap yesterday. Once they took Leroy back for surgery, I filled away my recent purchases and then was too anxious to pick out papers. I do have photos picked out.
  10. Your paper selections look fantastic. I keep thinking..."how do I chose ONLY TWO papers".........thought I would start on my layout while DH is in surgery, but I need to file some supplies. Think I will work on those first...
  11. What a week ahead.  DH has surgery today (should be minor, although probably skin cancer) and DD spent Saturday in the ER (3 hours away!!) and we need to find a doctor to remove her gallbladder although it's not "emergency"....Happy Monday!!

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    2. jenrou


      Wow! You have a house full of aches and pains. Good luck and take care of Conda. :)

    3. Marie-Christine


      Oh Conda, you guys are having a rough time of it. Hope you all get better soon and take care. Hugs from afar. 

    4. diannecp


      Hope all is well and you can catch your breath there soon. 

  12. I also like the collections and/or Value packs!
  13. 18th September Hope you are ready for a new week! Start a new layout in your preferred size and add two papers. One must be patterned, the other must be plain.
  14. Sounds delicious! Cute card...I especially like the scribble in the middle!!
  15. Sounds fantastic. Pretty card, beautiful background. Thank you for sharing Jean!