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  1. Great comparison. Yay for technology! I really like the pops of pink and the arrows directing the eye.
  2. What a lovely page! Great memories on the same layout. I like the background blending and the soft colors.
  3. Oh, how precious!! I like the color combination you chose, it complements your photos beautifully.
  4. Aww, how sweet!! Scout has grown but is still adorable. I like the blended photos along with the scribbles.
  5. SodScrap

    Then & Now

    This is lovely!! I like that you blended the photo into the background and that she is looking back at her younger self.
  6. Great photos for this challenge, Belle! Your layout is lovely, I like the energy and movement from the music notes and the flying bird. Well done!
  7. What a fantastic idea to to create a photo collage annually! Such a great take on this challenge combining the collages into the layout.
  8. SodScrap

    A Flower Pot

    What a lovely planter!! I really like your whimsical layout. (I need to look at this collection!!) I like the layered and textured background. The dragonflies direct the eye to the photos that are blended and framed so nicely!
  9. SodScrap


    What a cool photo! Beautiful layout Debby!
  10. Then and now. Your challenge today is to create a layout showing then and now. For example 1st day/last day of Kindergarten or compare different first days, like kindergarten and 1st grade. Flowers when planted then blooming. Home renovation before and after. The possibilities are endless! I cannot wait to see your then and now layouts!! Please post your completed layout in the Newsletter Gallery and post a link back in this thread to share. Here is mine Then and Now
  11. MPE_SSDLT_ArtfulSeasons_1 ABR_A_Million_Little_Things_col ABR A Million Little Things CSM
  12. This is beautiful!! I really like the borders with the blended photo. Great layout for this challenge!
  13. Oh my goodness...that hair!!! What a precious first day photo! I like the background with the crayon borders and the red blending under the photo. School is fun, I hope he enjoys. (not to self, create my GD first day photo layout from last week, I'm behind)
  14. I am a creature of habit and do not like change either. Your journaling is heartfelt, and I hope healing for you. Art is such a good outlet for truth and healing. I really like how you highlighted words in your journaling-it's quite effective!
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