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  1. Thanks! I rarely do layouts without photos for the same reason. Since this was for the recipe layout challenge, it was easier since I felt the recipe was the main focus.
  2. I love the contrast of the black and white photo with the color photo. Perfect for this challenge!
  3. Such a cute face! Great layout for the challenge, Debby.
  4. The watercolor effect and blending on the background photo is stellar!! So much to love about this layout. I like the frame you chose, and the pipe embellishment is perfect.
  5. What a lovely layout Mikelle! I like the lifted framed photo on top of the background photo. Great layout for this challenge!
  6. Such a sweet photo!! I love the photo treatment on the background photo. I like the neutral colors and the worn wooden frame. Lovely Jane!
  7. What a great way to use the same photo more than once, Andrea. I like the zoomed in large photo the smaller framed one is a great accent.
  8. This is one I did recently for another challenge, so I thought I'd share it here. I will work on a new layout sometime this month. Great challenge, thank you, Amanda!! AFT_SSPaper_ErodedBooks_3AFT_SSPaper_Notebook_PaperJRA_Emb_CoffeeStaintmd_readagoodbook
  9. Here is my layout using one photo for both a background and embellishment stack.
  10. I used the same photo as a blended background and as a stacked embellishment. For the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 8/4/2020 ABR_SSEmb_Stack_Them3_5 AFT_SSPaper_Blended_Collage_3 AHA_measureup BMU_SSActions_Magical_Photos-retired
  11. Your challenge today is to use the same photo multiple times on your layout. You can use more than one photo, but one photo must be used more than once. I can't wait to see your creative layouts! Ideas: *Use the same photo in color and black and white (or other photo treatment) *Use a photo in the background as well as the main photo *Highlight different aspects of the same photo by creatively cropping or framing Post your layouts in the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery and post a link back in this thread.
  12. Thank you for your patience, ladies! I just sent the link for this month's recipes. You will receive the gift certificates for participating via e-mail. ๐Ÿ‘ CONGRATULATIONS!! ๐Ÿ‘ @scrapgarden you are the winner of the quarterly recipe challenge!!
  13. SodScrap

    Inner Beauty

    This is so unique and lovely!
  14. You made it in time!!! I wonโ€™t be home until Monday (tomorrow) now so it was perfect timing. I k ow you have your hands full!!
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