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  1. Hello Friday.  We made it!!

  2. SodScrap

    Hammock Fun

    OH...I'd like to take a nap in on of those!! Lovely layout showcasing a fun outside hobby. I especially like pop of yellow from the buttons and flower.
  3. Great photos for the challenge using yellow! I like the way you framed the photos and labeled them. (great font!)
  4. Great shade of yellow you chose for the background. Sweet Piper!
  5. I went to school in Greenville! What a great discovery you captured so beautifully! I like the glass shatter scatter. (Did I make a rhyme??) Really, a great tribute!
  6. SodScrap


    I agree-great work on the photo effects!! Great layout for this challenge, it's so fun and the yellow really pops on your page!
  7. I'm not sure I have ever seen a yellow peony!! Gorgeous flower!! Lovely blending. I like the way the yellow ribbon circles your title/word art.
  8. SodScrap

    Charlotte and Bo

    More photos from my daughter-in-law. EMA_Into_the_woods-retired
  9. SodScrap


    Phenomenal photos. The blending is spectacular. Truly a work of art.
  10. Photo courtesy of my daughter-in-law. This is a golden yellow but liked using it as an accent. ABR Backroads http://store.scrapgirls.com/Backroads-Collection-Biggie.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/Backroads-Word-Art-Mini.html
  11. This is great Debby! I love the blended grunge you created for this layout.
  12. This is the perfect photo for the challenge, Andrea. Such a sweet photo! I like the blending and the cluster. Your title is awesome too!
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