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  1. I'm with the others, I have never heard of buttercup squash. This sounds delicious with an interesting mix of spices. Beautiful card, as always. I like the way you included the onion and squash in the background.
  2. I love the hanging vines over your photo/embellishment cluster. The background is perfect. Confession: I have never had pea soup...
  3. SodScrap

    Savoury Chops

    This sounds delicious and savory! Lovely card, Anne-Marie. I like the "kitchen tile-looking" background, it is perfect for your recipe.
  4. Good to see you again Becca!!
  5. I am not sure I have ever had a cooked turnip?? Seems we grew them in the garden when I was young and ate them raw with salt?
  6. Marilyn gave great instructions, thank you, Marilyn! Hope you are feeling better. And yes, please show us your finished page!
  7. Amazing as always, ladies!!
  8. You guys....this recipes sound so DELICIOUS!!! 😋
  9. Your layouts are AMAZING ladies!! 🥰
  10. OH, I love this!! First, hummingbirds are my favorite, this is a stunning photo!! Your journaling is beautiful and positive. Here's to 2022!
  11. This is one of those simple, yet amazingly stunning layouts. You put so much heart and feeling in your words. So many things here are not easy, but you captured your journey so sweetly.
  12. SodScrap


    This is certainly an exciting "new" thing! I'm sad it has been so delayed, but that will make completion that much sweeter. I like the stacked, framed, blended photos on the industrial background. So very well done.
  13. SOOOO sweet!! I love the neutral colors with the pop of green. Your blending and extractions are stunning. Great layout for the challenge!
  14. This is perfect for the challenge. New outlooks are always a good thing. I like the happy and whimsical vibe you created. (off to look at this collection....)
  15. Glad you were able to get out and about!! Lovely photo, I like the photo blending and frame. Well done!
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