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  1. Gorgeous SS Club Angie!!!

    1. Pab


      Yes it is! I am unzipping my goodies now and can't wait to use them!

    2. A-M


      It is a great Club. I have signed up for 6 months as it has inspired me. I have not has a subscription for quite some time. I plan on possibly use the SS Club each month for my Project Life pages at times. 

    3. angleigh


      Thanks everyone!

  2. CAP_Winter_Is_Coming
  3. 9th January Add some journalling, a date and any finishing touches to your layout. When you are finished upload your layout to the Hodge Podge Gallery.
  4. I haven't noticed this before now!
  5. Now...I haven't been able to get photos to link like this since the upgrade before this most recent one.....
  6. 8th January Create a title for your layout using two different fonts.
  7. So...I've been working on an amazing layout for this and was so engrossed in putting it together, I forgot I have "rules to follow". And well. I didn't follow the rules. I will be starting over......................... 🤣
  8. No worries, Belle. Here is the Forum Tutorial. I feel like it works differently for everyone.
  9. I have so many brushes...but I do not use them often...and I should!!
  10. 7th January Let’s get back to our layouts. Add some brushwork to your layout. Make sure it is visible.
  11. Thanks for stepping in Diane. I was gone ALLLLL day yesterday, I apologize that I wasn't able to help!! Here is the Forum Tutorial regarding this.
  12. I was able to right click and copy the photo, then paste. 😊
  13. Pink is my favorite color and this jumped out at me! http://store.scrapgirls.com/Sugar-and-Spice-Collection-Biggie.html
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