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  1. I haven't played with this club either. It is gorgeous! I love this photo Carla!! What an awesome layout to preserve this memory! Jiffy pages are such an amazing tool!
  2. I don't use alphas as often, but I love them on others' layouts. I think I sort of forget about them. I love word art but I often find I like "this" word art but it needs to be in "that" style to match my layout? Word art that is more just text based (no graphics) seem to be more versatile. I really love the quotes/verses that are mixed-font type. I struggle make something similar on my own.
  3. I got my walk in without the curator finding me so...maybe he is convinced I have you all under control....?????? World Tour Reflection is my take on this challenge. I used the photo I took for Angie's forum challenge to capture a reflection.
  4. BMU Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Desktop Manmade BMU Manmade Collection Biggie AFT ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Drafted 1 JZI ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Lens Haze & Flare
  5. How embarrassing to have the curator visit me....I will post my layout when I get back from my walk!! I need some time to clear my head. Hopefully behaviors are better when I get back!!! NOT naming names. YET.....
  6. 20th June I had a visit from the curator last night. It seems some of our group were caught splashing in the pool. Look I know it's been hot, but we have a pool on this vessel. Use that next time you feel a need to cool down. Make sure you include a reflection in your layout. If this is too tricky you can duplicate one of your embellishments instead. When you are done post your layout in the World Tour Gallery.
  7. LOL I totally don't get bridges. OR airplanes. I mean really, how can those possibly work?
  8. This makes me think of some of the masculine kits we pointed out in the NL challenge this week. I am the daughter of a contractor and grew up in the construction industry and am still a part of it today. I love seeing beautiful structures. I wonder "how did they do that"...so I'm starting a masculine page using Brandy's Manmade Collection Biggie. I wonder what stories that building could tell. Am I the only one who thinks like this?
  9. Well...I hope there are enough cabana boys to go around. That's all I'm saying....
  10. 19th June Since Saturday we have headed south and arrived at another spectacular building. The Taj Mahal. Again we would like you to use this image as inspiration for your layout.
  11. Michelle you did not need to use a masculine collection. We were just discussing favorites for fun!
  12. Oh....great choice-I love this kit!! Lovely layout!
  13. SodScrap

    My Dad

    Lovely layout! I love the soft blending and colors. REALLY like this. A LOT.
  14. ACK. I should not have looked!! I might need them all.....
  15. Welcome home Jenn!!! Love your designs and am happy to have you (back) here!! We were just in Wisconsin for a wedding last weekend. It was so very beautiful but I could see where winters might be *a little rough*.
  16. I really think I have this in my stash...I will have to look because if I don't, it is going STRAIGHT in my cart.
  17. This is also a favorite of mine!
  18. My father and my granddaughter. Charlotte is so into selfies and knows what to do when the camera is on her! I used: AFT Americana Blues Collection ABR ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Album Series 14 Mini AFT Fatherly-retired
  19. Lovely card Shari! I have never fixed polenta but have had it at a restaurant before and loved it!
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