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  1. Good luck!! I hope you find what works for you!! I hope the crashing stops, that is so frustrating!! I spent my travel time over the weekend unzipping and filing away my purchases.
  2. Don't miss June's recipe swap!  Details HERE

  3. Guess it's time for me to work on my recipe card(s)!
  4. Today's Challenge and Game are posted!

  5. SodScrap

    Never Stop Learning

    I really like the way you framed the circular photo. I also like the staked notebook papers.
  6. Join the Scavenger Hunt HERE

  7. SodScrap


    Such great photos, they are perfect for this challenge.
  8. What an awesome photo, Diane! Great choice of colors for the challenge and the photos.
  9. SodScrap

    Color Ch

    Coloring for the color challenge, perfect! I really like the background and your clusters. Great layout!
  10. Great choice of colors for the challenge and photo. Your journaling tells the story so well!
  11. Lots of great color in the gallery!
  12. Way to go!! Guess I should start now. 😅
  13. I like the way you think! I plan to start on this later this morning, on our trip home!
  14. Links are not necessary but oh so helpful! Please always give credit to the designers. As long as you use mostly ScrapGirls products for the challenges you will be fine. 😊
  15. No judging here 😅 Because I need another reason to shop...lol. 😂
  16. All the colors, perfect!! What a fun layout, Andrea!
  17. Love the photo framing! I like the way the gold and yellow make the photo pop.
  18. ABR_Pop of Spring gwp CAP_thebigpicstemps_30 AFT_Delightful word art
  19. I have to scoot out the door, but will be back shortly to post my layout! I used the freebie collection from Angie, Pop of Spring, it had the perfect colors!
  20. Today's Challenge and Game are posted!

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