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  1. GORGEOUS new club Angie!! 💕

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    2. beatricemi


      Oh my- it's so beautiful. Love love

    3. angleigh


      Thanks!  I enjoyed making this one

    4. AmandaFace
  2. Winner winner!!!  Here:  Scavenger hunt winner

  3. Don't miss June's recipe swap!  Details HERE

  4. Today's Challenge and Game are posted!

  5. Join the Scavenger Hunt HERE

  6. Today's Challenge and Game are posted!

  7. Join us for this month's Recipe Swap!!  Details HERE

  8. Maybe I should spend more time scrapping than shopping.  Anyone??  🤷🏼‍♀️

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    2. Laura


      Um, shopping! duh! lol  just kidding.  

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      well you have to shop before you scrap don't you :) 

    4. SodScrap


      Actually, it's not so much the shopping time as the "unzipping and filing" time...LOL

  9. Join us for the May recipe swap!  Details HERE

  10. Hello Friday.  We made it!!

  11. I enjoyed the Mischief Week and iNSD fun!!  Now, it's Monday morning work day for me.

    1. Boatlady


      It was a fun week and weekend at ScrapGirls...no work here, just getting ready for a party. Florida loosened the restrictions so Mexican party at our house tonight but Tuesday is prep for the texture sprayer in the TV room so the house is in turmoil still but friends don't care. Happy May everyone.

  12. Crocodile Hop winner posted HERE!!

  13. Cahllenge and links updated:  Template Chat 

  14. Chatting NOW!!  Color Chat at the top of the hour!  Choose your mischief partner HERE!

  15. iNSD Color Challenge Chat Saturday 5/2 11 am EDT-choose your mischief partner now!!

  16. Join us for today's game:  Crocodile Hop 

  17. Fun chat ladies!!  Thank you!

    1. CRS


      Thanks for hosting us! It was so good to chat with everyone!

    2. MariJ


      Thank you Conda for hosting this fun chat!  It was good to be together, that sure means even more now.  :) 

  18. Come chat with me at the top of the hour!!  Siggy chat, mischief style!  😁

    1. Boatlady


      Thank you that was wonderful chat and it was great to see everyone. 😷

  19. Mischief Week Siggy Chat today at 3:00 pm EDT check it out HERE

  20. What a way to start Mischief Week with an awesome sale!!  My wishlist is LONG!!

    1. MariJ


      SALE!!!!!  My poor harddrive....    :(

  21. Happy Monday!!  My laptop is charging and all EHDs plugged in to back up!  I encourage you to back up your files today!

    1. angleigh


      Just finished doing that!

    2. MariJ


      I did yesterday, does that count???  🤔  Thanks, Conda! 

  22. So much new loveliness in the design shop.  Check it out HERE

  23. ARE WE THERE YET?   Where are we going?  Can we get there??  Ohhh...what day is today?  Saturday?  Monday?  It's April, right?  Oh, it's so hard to tell these days!  😅

    Hope you all are well!!  Much love and hugs to you my friends!!  

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    2. MariJ


      PS I keep thinking it’s March.  When I think April, I’m SURE I’m wrong.   What happened to March?  WAS there March?  Talk about Alice and falling down the rabbit hole.........

    3. englishrose


      So with you Conda!

    4. SodScrap
  24. S A L E ! !  I'm shopping!

  25. Scrapping time!  Supplies and photos organized (I was behind!!), Netflix series complete.  NOW...to catch up on scrapping projects!  What are you scrapping?

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    2. MariJ


      I’ve finished with March scrapping, but would like to do another recipe card and start on April PL since I’m doing a book from my visit to my sister’s.   But, so far I keep playing and can’t really focus to scrap!  😱  Me too, Mikelle!....   What I REALLY need to do is get some photos off the laptop since my poor harddrive is so full.   But, it’s difficult to do - that’s another story....  :banghead: 

    3. alsoarty


      I'm so bored, and uninspired right now. Struggling to even do my PL for last week.

    4. Becster


      I just caught up on Project Life! I still have a recipe card to make. That's on tap for tomorrow.

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