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  1. SodScrap


    AFT A Beautiful Mess Jiffy
  2. SodScrap


    Lovely layout Debby. Such a fun water photos, they definitely say spring!
  3. SodScrap

    Apr 13 WW Challenge - Spring

    Fun photos Diane! I've never seen a truck full of oranges before! I really like the colors and blending of your background.
  4. SodScrap


    Your main photo is amazing, and the blending is perfect for it! Great addition of the purple with the green.
  5. SodScrap

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 4/13/19

    Here is mine
  6. SodScrap


    LLO Bloom Where Planted Jiffy Page
  7. SodScrap

    Spring at Last

    Oh....these templates just ended up in my cart! I like the earthy spring feel the colors and textures add to your spring layout. Great layout for the challenge!
  8. SodScrap

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 4/13/19

  9. Check out the Weekend Challenge HERE

  10. UGH. I. WANT. IT. ALL...........
  11. SodScrap

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 4/13/19

    I had unexpected guests arrive on Thursday, so my page will come later! Grammy isn't complaining though!! Surprise visits from the grandkids are always welcome!! I plan to scrap some spring pictures of the grandkids. Imagine that! My DIL took some adorable photos of them one warm day last week that I haven't scrapped yet. It's amazing how different our weather can be only 3 hours apart. They live "down south" and she refers to our place as "the north pole". LOL
  12. F I N A L L Y! Spring is here! At least the calendar says it's spring. We had a LONG and WET winter. Cold and dreary. I am anxious to see spring! Our yard is greening up nicely. Hopefully, there will be colorful blooms soon. Ironic that I chose spring for the challenge as we had a frost warning for this morning and it was 24 degrees when I woke up!! There was even snow in the forecast for tomorrow, but they have removed the chance for now. *fingers crossed* The inspiration for the challenge today is...SPRING! You can scrap photos of spring. You can use colors of spring. You can use a spring quote. Whatever speaks "springtime" to you can use for inspiration and on your layout. Be sure and tell us what your spring inspiration is! Be sure to browse the beautiful designs in the SPRING category for inspiration. I can't wait to see your colorful creations! Please post your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery and post a link in this thread to share.
  13. I realized over the weekend that my back up (which I do on a very regular basis) was not actually backing up ALL my files!!  It hadn't added new files since the END OF OCTOBER!!  YIKES!  It took a while, but I got it fixed and backed up correctly.  I will back up the back up this afternoon.  CHECK YOUR BACK UPS!!!  Just because it runs, doesn't mean it backed up all files.  *PSA over*

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    2. MariJ


      Jane I was getting worried about you and forgot that your computer had died.   Hope you get it all sorted out soon.  

    3. SodScrap


      Oh no, Jane!  That's no fun!
      Marilyn, I wondered that myself, but that ehd has backed up fine now.  It's *that* back up that won't back up.  Confused??  

    4. MariJ


      Confusion seems to be a norm with computer issues.  😱   I'm glad at least it does back up now; you said you had two EHD backups?  After my mess I don’t trust having one since the one that eventually died after a few weeks was acting wonky before that.    

  14. SodScrap

    Sneak Peek 4/12

    *anxiously waiting* Gorgeous designs ladies!
  15. OHHHH....so much loveliness!!