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  1. Your comment popped up as a notification because I am online and was along the bottom of the page. However, zero comments on my LOs appear on my notifications button. Quotes from the forum appear there, but not comments on my LOs. I appear to be barred by the administrator from any sort of notification when "someone comments on something I follow," which appears to include my own layouts.

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    2. MariJ


      Already done!  Hopefully she can get to the bottom of it, she normally can!   It sounds like you are probably right about the reason.   Good luck and let us know again if it’s not fixed in a bit!

    3. SodScrap


      Thanks for catching this and being so prompt Marilyn!  I was out doing errands.  Hopefully, April will have answers for us!

    4. MariJ


      No problem Conda - we’re here for each other and it happened to be the time I was around!  :)