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  1. Catastrophic EHD failure here.  How is your Monday-after-the-holiday? 😲

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    2. MariJ


      Good going, Conda - whew...   Me too - after hearing so many horror stories I now have 2 EHD for backup and somehow keep wondering if even that is enough.  :banghead:   I’m sure glad you haven’t lost anything, whew again... 

    3. SodScrap


      Same Marilyn!  I have considered purchasing two today and then keeping one in (monthly) rotation stored off-site.  In the event of fire/home destruction, all of my back ups are here...

    4. MariJ


      Ohhhhh....   Good idea - I’ve heard of leaving an EHD with someone else.   But, then you’d have to go get it each time you want to update....   :(

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