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  1. Such pretty colors!! Will have to search later-it's Monday and I'm at the office. BOO HOO.
  2. Adorable photo Joyce! Love the color isolation on the photon the green accent. Well done!
  3. Love the purple added to the monochrome colors. Beautiful photo!
  4. Had a nice nap this afternoon!  Now I need to file away my most recent ScrapGirls purchases.

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    2. diannecp


      naps are amazing!

    3. ladyscrapalot


      What is this nap of which you speak? I feel lucky if I can manage a 5 minute of snooze time mid-day. lol!!

    4. SodScrap


      They are a rare treat for sure but was MUCH needed.

  5. Great layout Valerie! I like the placement and frame for the great picture of Ben. Great colors and blending too!
  6. I love the hot pink and black together. The black background sets the photo beautifully!
  7. I like the pop of green. Such a homey homestead! Great work Jean!
  8. I love the lace frame! The green pops lovely on your monochrome page!
  9. I like the green accent on your monochrome page. Great photo works so well with the out of bounds frame. Great layout!
  10. Love the soft pink accent! THIS is what I had in mind for my layout but it didn't work! Lovely blending, great choice of fonts and that black and white bow sets it together beautifully!
  11. I love this Carla! The framing sets the majestic flamingo beautifully. I also like the angled journaling, it lends a nice line toward the title.
  12. I'm no help...I haven't had PSE in many moons. That was one thing that drove me crazy about PSE!! So happy your computer is back safely. Good luck!
  13. Don't faint.  I posted a layout!!  Now, to go shopping and get some new designs on sale!!

    1. alsoarty


      Woot woot! I'm going to post one or two tomorrow. You inspire me lol

    2. lorac


      My Mojo is back from Hawaii and I've got an Art Journal layout planned to create.

  14. Here is my layout: Charlotte Driving
  15. Charlotte loves anything with steering wheels. (I wonder where THAT came from) A recent trip to grammy's was in the "big truck" and she got to "drive" up our driveway. She thought she was big stuff. ABR ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Capturing Moments - Frame BMU Junk in the Trunk Collection Biggie BMU Madison County Collection Biggie CRO Joy Ride Collection Mini AFT ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Faded Vignettes Fonts: Brusher, CK Marissa