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  1. Beautiful background Jean. Lovely layout!
  2. Why is that lighthouse on it's side?? Lovely blending on the photo, perfect paper choices too!
  3. Great story Joyce, it's an important part of the layout. The textured background was the perfect choice!
  4. I want to know what kind of candy you bought! Great page-I really like the candy embellishments.
  5. Beautiful flowers! Great page, I really like the colors of the borders!
  6. This is such a beautiful layout and a treasured memory! Great title and the framing is eye-catching!
  7. Stunning photos. Such a beautiful island and your photos and layout re beautiful too.
  8. I really like the orange embellishments and title, the pop nicely off the page. I also like the tilted photo and the frame you chose. Great layout for the challenge.
  9. Perfect collection choice for your photos! I like the lifted photos-great work!
  10. This is fantastic! I love everything about it. Great blending, great colors, great's all great!
  11. Lovely layout. I really like the photo and the double frame. Great layout for the challenge.
  12. Great layout Carla. We have these not far from us...and I have to admit I don't like seeing them! lol I really like the perspective of you photo and your background paper goes well with the blended photo, great work!
  13. Looks great Debby! I like the way you used the banner at the top for the date.
  14. How is it that they all match??? Cute photos! Perfect background choices. Great layout Mikelle. Thank you for playing along!
  15. I like it!!