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  1. Patterned papers? I can deal with that. FOUR OR MORE photos?? Yikes. I have step one complete...will see if I can get the second one done and post it later today!
  2. Ohhhh....such awesomeness!
  3. I LOVE patterned papers!! Two? No problem. ( find the time to get a layout started!!)
  4. 2:00 Monday.  Y A W N.  

    1. ladyscrapalot


      It's almost 6:00 and when I saw your post it made me yawn. 😮 lol!!

    2. MariJ


      It just got passed to me......   :D

    3. jenrou


      Hudson and I are yawning too...

  5. Great explanation. I never would have thought of this!
  6. I love it!! I had to change when I bought the Macbook last year. I figured for $10/month I could do that for years and it still be cheaper than the outlay for CS6 or whatever. I haven't messed with light room since I bought this, in fact I haven't messed with LR in years....
  7. The gallery looks wonderful with all the amazing Slow Scrap layouts!!

  8. Great work ladies!! We left before 6 this morning and were gone most of the day. I will catch up on leaving love tomorrow!
  9. Here is mine: Water Baby
  10. EBA EBA AFT BMU BMU AFT AFT ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Blended Over
  11. 22nd July Add some journalling and a date, then when you are finished upload your layout to the Slow Scrap Gallery.
  12. Hmmmm...seems like I tried every color but will try that. I think the problem is getting the right shade so it doesn't get lost on the background.
  13. AND who could forget the awesome new ScrapSimple club from Ginny!!!
  14. I'm with Mikele. I copy mine to my photos folder on my ehd. I delete them of the card AFTER that ehd is backed up at least once....