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  1. Brilliant! I had never thought of this. Me either Marilyn! (lol...I originally typed Marj....not MariJ...I thought that doesn't seem right...some days are better than others LOLOLOL)
  2. I know...that alpa is awesome!! They are so good to us!!! I hope to spend some time (with new goodies) scrapping this weekend. I haven't had time the last few weeks.
  3. So much new goodness for us this week....tell me your new favorite HERE

  4. Graphia Bell has fun new kitchen templates ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Cook and Bake SNOW!!! from Caroline B Snow Alpha Styles and templates from Syndee, coffee anyone? ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Pretty Poppy ScrapSimple Alpha Templates: Happy Dance ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Coffee Sentiments
  5. Such rich colors and textures from geek girl designs Shabby ExsquizArt Collection Susie Roberts has some amazing new templates and paper overlays ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Monthly Journal Template Value Pack: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Faded Flower Overlays ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Washi Tape Clipping Masks Mini
  6. Layout templates galore! New Value Pack from Laura ValuePack: Shooting Stars From Dagi's Templates ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Hello 2018 January 2 ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Second Chances 2 ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Second Chances 1
  7. So much goodness in store for us today in the store... Beautiful colors and French-Inspired patterns in this Value Pack from On A Whimsical Adventure Value Pack: I Will Meet You In Paris I Will Meet You In Paris Collection Biggie Lovely white papers and embellishments from Brandy Value Pack: Embossed Winter Value Pack and Planner by Florju Designs Value Pack: Welcome Winter Planner A5 2018 Welcome Winter Pretty colors (LOVE that pink flower) in this collection from DRB Designs Pretty Pastel Collection Mini
  8. Fantastic explanation!
  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the SS Club Jennifer!!  

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    2. A-M


      I agree and I hope to use something from it for the challenge I will be hosting next week. 

    3. Susie Roberts
    4. JenniferZ
  10. It deserves a scrapbook page Carla! Or at least a mention on your PL layout...LOL
  11. Ohhh....FANTASTIC idea. I LOVE Value Packs! Marilyn is right...sounds like the girls need to clean their rooms!!
  12. I'm anxious to see how you use them! Keep us posted!
  13. That happened here too Carla. It was crazy thinking that they canceled but it ended up being (mostly) a wise choice!
  14. Shopping the sale!!  Check out the amazing new designs and chat with me HERE!!

  15. But wait...THERE'S MORE: New from Angie From The Kitchen Savings Selection Florju has new planner designs Planner A5 Fly Free: Dividers calendar Planner A5 2018 Fly Free Planner A5 Winter Wish: Dividers calendar New from After Midnight Value Pack: Home For Christmas Pretty new collection from Graphia Bella A cold January morning Collection Vintage Camera collection by DRB Designs Vintage Camera Collection