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    January 2020 Recipe Swap

    Angie has amazing new things in store for the recipe swap this year!! Thank you, Angie! First, each month you participate you will receive a gift certificate to the design shop! The first month you participate (January) you will receive $1, the second month (February) $2 and so on. If you miss the third month (March) and participate in the fourth month (April) you would receive $3 and so on. Second, we will have a challenge each quarter. Do you try recipes you receive in the swap in your kitchen at home? At the end of each quarter, you will be challenged to create a layout including a recipe and card from the swap that you have tried. It canโ€™t be your recipe and card!! Each person who does a layout will be in a drawing for a $5 gift certificate. But wait, there is more!! Everyone that participates EVERY month and EACH quarter challenge will be in a drawing for a $15 gift certificate at the end of the year. This month's recipe swap theme is Air Fryer, Instant Pot, Slow Cooker. Did you get a new air fryer or instant pot for Christmas? Please share your favorite recipes! To participate in the Recipe Swap, please email your 4"x6" high resolution (300 dpi saved a high quality - (1200 x 1800 pixel) Recipe Card to sg.sodscrap@gmail.com by MIDNIGHT, Friday, January 31, 2020. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: It is easiest for me if you use your name or user name + the Recipe name (SodScrap_YummyFood) as the file name on your recipe. (I may change it to make it easier for me to track if you don't.) You are welcome to submit more than one recipe. Please do! Please post your recipe in the Recipe Card Gallery and post a link in this thread. After I have compiled the recipes, you will receive a link to download the recipe cards from all our participants. You must send in a card to get the link! Please remember the link is active for 7 days.
  2. SodScrap

    Newsletter Challenge 1/7/2020

    2 0 2 0 Here we are. The first Newsletter Challenge of 2020. A new year. A new decade. Do you make New Year's resolutions? Or do you choose a word for the year? Create a layout showing us your New Year's resolution or word for this year, or from a year past. Post your layout in the Newsletter Challenge Gallery and post a link back in this thread for all to see.
  3. SodScrap

    Crockpot Hot Chocolate

    This is DELICIOUS and super easy!! GWH Snowed In ABR Cookie Swap 2013
  4. SodScrap

    Darn Good Green Beans

    Instant Pot green beans...these are SO yummy! I sometimes gook them in bacon first... ABR_SSCard_Cook_It ABR_HomeCooked_special
  5. SodScrap

    1/7/20 Resolution

    I don't make resolutions as such. I would like to be sure and spend more time in each moment instead of worrying about "everything else". CKH Everyday Grace bonus layout
  6. SodScrap

    January 2020 Recipe Swap

    Darn Good Green Beans-cooked in the instant pot
  7. SodScrap

    Newsletter challenge_Word for 2020

    One of my favorite verses. This is such a meaningful layout showing your words for the year, Jane! Keep it close and refer to it often!!
  8. SodScrap

    January 2020 Recipe Swap

    Ahhh...good to know it worked! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. SodScrap

    January 2020 Recipe Swap

    Crockpot Hot Chocolate
  10. SodScrap


    This is a great resolution to "try" for the year! Great take on the challenge!
  11. SodScrap


    Gorgeous photo!! I really like the light that you added to the background and photo.
  12. SodScrap

    Newsletter Challenge 1/7/2020

    Here is mine Enjoy every moment
  13. SodScrap

    Newsletter Challenge 1/7/2020

    Amazing word!
  14. SodScrap

    Be Brave.jpg

    This is a GORGEOUS layout. I love that you included a photo of yourself. I hope you post it somewhere that you can see it as a reminder daily!
  15. SodScrap

    Newsletter Challenge 1/7/2020

    Great layouts ladies!!
  16. SodScrap


    This. Is. Awesome. What a fun page, Barbara! And, I have similar torture chambers here.
  17. SodScrap

    Resolution 2020

    Such a gorgeous layout!! I love the diamond-shaped photo and the "frames" around it. Great resolution!
  18. SodScrap


    Excellent work for the year Anne_marie! Great colors and blending.
  19. SodScrap

    I love everything about this Debby!! It is perfect for an art journal page. Honestly, I wish my closets were as organized as my computer!!
  20. SodScrap

    Celestine-Tangy Pork Roast

    Lovely card! And, it sounds delicious, thank you for sharing.
  21. SodScrap

    January Slow Cook recipe

    I love the combination of patterned papers you chose Diane!
  22. SodScrap

    Newsletter Challenge 1/7/2020

    It is interesting AND, I'm anxious to see how mine turns out. (I maybe need to find my EHD?? WHAT on earth is happening to me?)
  23. SodScrap

    Photo Challenge Jan 2020

    Definitely, Kelly! I'm so grateful they are close enough to come visit and WILL come visit. ๐Ÿ˜
  24. SodScrap

    Photo Challenge Jan 2020

    This makes me laugh because everything we take away from the littles gets piled on the tv cabinet. That silver deer is from the kitchen table. LOL A stack of books. The one decoration is backward and the tree didn't get put back behind the candle when we plugged something into the tv. DAYS later, it is still this way. LOL They left yesterday, it is quiet.....
  25. SodScrap

    Jan recipe swap_crockpot recipe

    This is similar to a recipe I make, but I don't add the corn/beans/cream cheese in the crockpot, but I will now!! It makes amazing enchiladas. (or nachos, or tacos or....) Thank you for sharing Jane!