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    November 2018 Recipe Swap

    πŸ¦ƒ Happy November, Y'all! πŸ¦ƒ This month's recipe swap theme is HOLIDAY FAVORITES. Any holiday. Any favorite. Don't miss Ginny's special savings selection We Gather Together available in the design shop this month for $1.99. To participate in the Recipe Swap, please email your 4"x6" high resolution (300 dpi saved a high quality - (1200 x 1800 pixel) Recipe Card to sg.sodscrap@gmail.com by MIDNIGHT, Friday, November 30, 2018. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: It is easiest for me if you use your name or user name + the Recipe name (SodScrap_YummyFood) as the file name on your recipe. (I may change it to make it easier for me to track if you don't.) You are welcome to submit more than one recipe. Please do! Please post your recipe in the Recipe Card Gallery and post a link in this thread. After I have compiled the recipes, you will receive a link to download the recipe cards from all our participants. You must send in a card to get the link! Remember the following changes for the recipe swap this year: First, each member who submits a card for each of the first six months will get a $5 gift certificate. WINNERS POSTED ABOVE!! Second, each member that does a card for each of the last six months will also get a $5 gift certificate. Grand Prize: At the end of the year, we will draw from everyone who participates all 12 months and they will win a recipe book/binder to put their new recipe cards in AND a $15 store gift certificate! AND WAIT, there's more!! Each month there will be a special savings selection at a special price for that month only!! Don't miss Ginny's special savings selection We Gather Together available in the design shop this month for $1.99. *I sometimes struggle with finding new-tried-and-true-never-scrapped-before-recipes because I have been participating in this swap for 10 years! (OH WOW!!) Occasionally I resubmit a recipe because there are always different people participating that may not have the recipe. We request that when you resubmit an "oldie but goodie" that you remake the card. When I do this, I just open the original PSD file and then recreate from there. It saves me all that typing time. I love updating my cards using new collections and supplies as the styles and designs change.
  2. SodScrap

    Cookie Exchange 2018

    Whew! I remembered which recipe! I sent my recipe in. I hope to do another one, but will see how that goes!!
  3. SodScrap

    Weekly Newletter Challenge

    What a fun memory! I like the way the bow ties up the photo. I also like the hanging train photo.
  4. SodScrap

    NL Challenge, Dec 4th

    I really like the way you layered the papers under the photo ON the journal/book. Look how little they were!!
  5. SodScrap

    Dec ATC

  6. ❗❗2018 Recipe Swap Winners Are:Β Β 

  7. SodScrap

    November 2018 Recipe Swap

    Ladies, THANK YOU so much for your participation and support of the recipe swap this year! Don't forget the Cookie Swap this month. I will see you in January. Angie has been busy with some fun new incentives! If you have recipe theme suggestions, now is the time to send them to me!! AND THE WINNERS ARE: The Grand Prize winner is Shari (goosie) who wins a Recipe Book and a $15 store gift certificate!! Because Angie is so amazing, we have a second winner: Becky (Becster) wins a Recipe Book! Participation gift certificates will be sent out tomorrow (Tuesday). Becky and Shari if you will e-mail Angie your address, (hello @ scrapgirls) she will mail the recipe books to you.
  8. SodScrap

    Sneak Peek 12/7

    Ohhhh....this will match my Christmas decor (and family photos) this year!! πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Blizzard in Missouri = πŸŽ„ 🎡It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas πŸŽ΅πŸŽ„ Okay ladies! I need to make our Christmas cards!! I have family photos to use. (Probably just one photo that includes all 7 of us.) What's your go to printing site for cards? Do you design your own with your scrapping supplies and then upload to print? Do you use a site that has ready made cards that you just drop your photo in and print? What size? Link up your favorite SG products for card design including templates!! Share your cards in this thread too, whether they are this year's or past years. AND. I am printing layouts and putting them in albums, one for me, one for my mom, each of the kids, etc. I'd like to do something for my mother-in-law but don't feel she needs a "big ole album". (even though I print 8x8) I was thinking of a small photo book vs album. Anyone have thoughts and recommendations? Are you making photo related gifts this year? Do share!
  10. SodScrap

    November 2018 Recipe Swap

    The recipe link has been sent! I can't believe this is the last recipe swap for the year! The participation prizes will be sent next week and the grand prize winner announced. Don't miss the annual Cookie Exchange.
  11. Bullet journal or bujo has gone digital!! The exciting thing to me is that I have a whole EHD full of digital supplies that I can use for this. Now. The question is...HOW do I this?? Typically this is done with an iPad, Apple pencil (alternately an Android tablet) and a few apps. Apps are different for iPad and Android users. The process reminds me so much of digital scrapbooking, but with a little different process. I wanted to start this thread for those who are interested. We can help each other learn the dos and don'ts. I don't know the answers, but I want to learn...so we can learn together!!
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    SodScrap Cookie Pie Squares

    ABR_CTW_ AFT_FiggyPlmPudding AFT_GlitzyGreen ASO_SoElemtry
  13. SodScrap


    I like the combination of pattered papers for the background. Pretty sure I have to get this value pack. Lovely layout!
  14. SodScrap

    Love Peace Joy

    Oh that background is amazing. And the lace. And the fancy chunky frame. Awesome layout Andrea.
  15. SodScrap

    SodScrap Cookie Pie Squares

    See. NOW we get it!
  16. SodScrap

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    YAY! Downloaded and ready!
  17. SodScrap

    BLT Dip

    My daughter always asks her aunt to make this at Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And every family function! ABR_YoursTruly_Paper-Solid2 BVA_SS_RecipeCard_paperstrips retired EMA_Transitions
  18. SodScrap

    SodScrap French Silk Pie

    This the "legend of recipes" for me. It's super simple and the results are amazing. It's just sort of expected that I bring this to each family get together. (with homemade whipped cream) I have submitted this recipe previously. AFT_Plum Perfect GGD_Forever Fall ABR_Electic Fall OAWA _Autumn Breeze
  19. SodScrap

    SodScrap_Cherry Delight

    An update to a previously submitted favorite. GWH Cherry on Top
  20. SodScrap

    Hot Chocolate Mix

    Another holiday favorite! ABR_WWishes_EmbSpec-Ribbon BMU_Jingleberry_EMB_JingleBell EBA_CoffeeHouse_Emb_Stitching-Swirls EMA_BrightChristmas_Collection
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    November 2018 Recipe Swap

    And Hot Chocolate Mix
  22. SodScrap

    SodScrap Cookie Pie Squares

    They are soft and chewy, you cut them into squares and eat them with your fingers, like a cookie, not a pie.
  23. SodScrap

    SodScrap Cookie Pie Squares

    I have often wondered about the name! I assume "pie" because it uses pie filling??
  24. SodScrap

    SG_Jennys christmas cake

    Festive card and recipe, Jane! I see why it's a favorite!
  25. SodScrap


    Adorable card, I like the colors. This sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing!