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  1. Don't miss the 20 Questions Game HERE

  2. @mimes1 15 Do you budget what you can spend monthly on kits or if you love it do you automatically purchase it? I pretty much automatically purchase - Don't tell Mark. My secret is safe in my small, tiny EHD! *SAME one fo the many great reasons to scrapbook digitally. No one REALLY knows how much is on that 8TB EHD.... @Laura 5 How long does it usually take you to create a layout? 15 minutes to an hour, it depends on how decorated I want it *I feel this is a lie, I have scrapped with you in person and cannot imagine you taking an hour on any layout. LOL. But, your longest is probab
  3. LOL. Some of my layouts are quick(er) and some are slow(er). You can't rush art! LOL. 😂
  4. @barbaraj lol @ 14 Layout templates…love them or leave them? I stay as far away from templates as I can. They irritate me and take too much time. * @MariJ used to feel this way also. @MariJ I would have been surprised if this wasn't your answer: If you could sit down and scrapbook with 1 person who would it be? Can I say Jody? She was so fun, but I never met her in person like you did! @beatricemi 7 Is there one digi technique you would really like to learn? extracting!!!!!!! * *Same girl, same! @ladyscrapalot 10 If needed do you recolor items to fit your layout or find the
  5. Alexi, this is a beautiful page and a treasure for you. Your grandma is so blessed to have you and that you read to her.
  6. What a precious photo!! Your title sums it up. LOL. I like the colorful flowers next to the neutral background and bw photo.
  7. This sounds delicious! I like the soft colors and the embellishment cluster. Great card, Betty!
  8. Awww, what sweet fun! I really like the photos blended into the plaid.
  9. 1 Do you use a desktop or laptop? I use a laptop for scrapping. 2 Favorite place to scrapbook? On the couch with my feet up! 3 How often during the week do you find time to sit down and scrap? It varies! Sometimes, never. This week, I spent one evening organizing my supplies instead of scrapping. 4 What software do you use? I use Photoshop Creative Cloud 5 How long does it usually take you to create a layout? Longer than it should. It usually depends on how long it takes me to decide on photos. 6 Do you have a favorite beverage or snack you have to have when yo
  10. Today’s game is a fun and simple one! To play: Copy/paste the questions below into a new post in this thread and answer them. They are all scrapping-related. I can’t wait to read everyone’s answers. Remember to update your post in the Sale-A-Bration tracking thread showing that you have participated in this game. All games/challenges close 6/29 at midnight EST One lucky participant will win a $5 gift certificate 1 Do you use a desktop or laptop? 2 Favorite place to scrapbook? 3 How often during the week do you find time to sit down and scrap?
  11. What a great plaid background for this photo!! I especially like the trees behind the photo.
  12. So much yummy goodness this month!
  13. Lovely card, Shari! I like all the layers behind the text layer, it gives lots of depth to the design.
  14. I really like Fontina cheese, it adds another layer of flavor (in my opinion). This sounds delicious and "fancy" since it's in a springform pan. lol
  15. SodScrap

    June Recipe Swap

    MMMMM...This sounds delicious, Carla! I really like the color combination and the pop of pattern in the plaid you chose.
  16. This sounds delicious! (If only I could eat cheese!!) Your card is lovely. I like the color combination and they you were able to include photos.
  17. SodScrap


    Gorgeous photos, Debby. Great journaling. I like your mix of photos showing so much of your trip in Oklahoma.
  18. Oh wow! This is so cool!
  19. I really like the way you used all the patterned paper pieces-it's so well done! Great photos showing a great learning experience.
  20. Great photos! I like the way the small photos accent the large photo. Well done!
  21. I love this color combination and the plaid background is perfect. Pretty daisies!
  22. I love this so much, Diane! Aren't you precious?? I love the torn paper background, the combination and vintage text is perfect for your photo. So very well done!
  23. Awww. What a great breakfast date! I like the way you framed the extracted photo and the morning sunshine vibes.
  24. Great layout for this challenge! (Don't you love Connie's white space templates???) I really like the polka dot strips along with the solid strips.
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