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  1. I used the stamped-looking alpha from: Love Notes Collection
  2. You know that I love all things grunge on a layout. The more blending and grunge the better! Today's challenge is to use a stamped or grungy alpha on your layout. Please post your layout in the Newsletter Challenge Gallery and post a link back in this thread for us all to see. Check out today's newsletter for other ideas. Here is some product inspiration: http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Alpha-Templates-Grunge-Alpha.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Alpha-Templates-Grungology.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/Brush-Set-Foam-Stamp-Alpha-Biggie.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/Industrious-Collection-Vol-2.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/Brush-Set-XL-Stamped-Alpha.html
  3. AMAZING ScrapSimple Club, Angie!  Thank you!  I love it!

  4. SodScrap


    You know I love layers...these layers are gorgeous, so many textures!!
  5. Great card for a delicious recipe! I like the embellishment cluster and the yummy photo!
  6. SodScrap

    Newsletter Challenge

    I really like the tic-tac-toe grid for the photo frames. Your OOB work on the center photo is great. I need to look at this kit for sure!
  7. Off to a great start this month, ladies!! 😋
  8. LOVE LOVE this! Fantastic idea to blend the handwritten recipe to the background. The simple embellishments are perfect.
  9. I love the treasures you are sharing, Marilyn. They are truly special!!
  10. Interesting combination, but I see how it can work. I will definitely try this. Thank you for sharing Becky!
  11. Any recipe that starts with "1/2 pound of cream cheese" has to be a winner! Adorable card, Marilyn. These mice are so sweet.
  12. SodScrap

    Mom's Potato Salad

    Oh, I like this different take on potato salad, it sounds great. I'm with Diane, I like the added pickle in the cluster!
  13. SodScrap

    Sloppy Joe

    I really like the blended background on your card. This sounds simple and delicious. Thanks, Marge!
  14. SodScrap


    This is different (to me) and sounds absolutely delicious!! Pretty card, Marge, the colors are perfectly peachy!
  15. SodScrap

    Mom's Potato Salad

    Your sweet mom! I love that you included her photo. Isn't it hard to "scale down for two"? I struggle with that always. Lovely card, Betty. Thank you for sharing your mom with us!
  16. SodScrap

    Mom's Lasagna

    Thank you for the new templates!!
  17. Love the scaly background and watercolor fish. Perfect for your mom's tuna casserole recipe.
  18. Oh, this sounds yummy, Diane! I don't think I've ever cooked orzo. I like the bow with the fresh herb embellishments!
  19. Sounds delicious. Your card is beautiful.
  20. Marlene Peacock has several two page layout templates in her Scrap It Monthly series that are great for multi-photo layouts: http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Digital-Layout-Album-Templates-Scrap-It-Monthly-6-Series-3.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Digital-Layout-Album-Templates-Scrap-It-Monthly-6-Series-1.html Laura Louie has several templates in her Photo Frenzy series: http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Digital-Layout-Templates-Photo-Frenzy-Aug.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Digital-Layout-Templates-Photo-Frenzy-July.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Digital-Layout-Templates-Photo-Frenzy-May.html
  21. These embellishment templates from Angie are helpful when using lots of photos, there are several in the Stack Them series: http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Embellishment-Templates-Stack-Them-4.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Embellishment-Templates-Edge-Them.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Embellishment-Templates-Stack-Them-2.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Embellishment-Templates-Corner-Them.html
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