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  1. You know that I love all things grunge on a layout.  The more blending and grunge the better!  Today's challenge is to use a stamped or grungy alpha on your layout. 

    Please post your layout in the Newsletter Challenge Gallery and post a link back in this thread for us all to see.

    Check out today's newsletter for other ideas.  Here is some product inspiration:

  2. I'm out of town and am leaving EARLY in the morning so I am posting the Tuesday NL challenge Monday evening.  I will post my layout tomorrow when I am home, and have real internet.

    Today's challenge is something I struggle with occasionally:  using multiple photos on a layout.  Your challenge today is to create a layout in your preferred size and use at least 5 photos.  I often only use one or two photos on a layout.  Using multiple photos is sometimes difficult for me.  I can't wait to see your creative layouts!!

    Please share your tips and tricks to use multiple (5+) photos on your layouts.  I'd love to hear them!  Share links of your favorite products.  You know me, I use templates to help with this!  I will share links tomorrow as I'm having difficulties with my internet hotspot.  GRR.

    Post your layout in the Newsletter Challenge Gallery and post a link back in this thread.

  3. I'm just going to pretend that I know HOW it's September already.  🤷🏼‍♀️

    This month's theme is Perfect Pasta.  Any pasta recipe will do!

    To participate in the Recipe Swap, please email your 4"x6" high resolution (300 dpi saved a high quality - (1200 x 1800 pixel) Recipe Card to sg.sodscrap@gmail.com by MIDNIGHT, Wednesday, September 30, 2020.
    • PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: It is easiest for me if you use your name or user name + the Recipe name (SodScrap_YummyFood) as the file name on your recipe. (I may change it to make it easier for me to track if you don't.)
    • You are welcome to submit more than one recipe. Please do!
    • Please post your recipe in the Recipe Card Gallery and post a link in this thread.
    • After I have compiled the recipes, you will receive a link to download the recipe cards from all our participants. You must send in a card to get the link!  Please remember the link is active for 7 days.
    New for 2020:
    First, each month you participate you will receive a gift certificate to the design shop!  The first month you participate (January) you will receive $1, the second month (February) $2 and so on.  If you miss the third month (March) and participate in the fourth month (April) you would receive $3 and so on.
    Second, we will have a challenge each quarter.  Do you try recipes you receive in the swap in your kitchen at home?  At the end of each quarter, you will be challenged to create a layout including a recipe from the swap that you have tried. It can’t be your recipe and card!!  Each person who does a layout will be in a drawing for a $5 gift certificate.
    But wait, there is more!!  Everyone that participates EVERY month and EACH quarter challenge will be in a drawing for a $15 gift certificate at the end of the year.

  4. 21 hours ago, AmandaFace said:

    That's awesome Lynne! Your background is beautiful and I love those templates still! :)

    @SodScrap, that's lovely Conda! I love a no photo layout although I sometimes find them hard!

    Looking good everyone! Maybe I'll do one of my own :)

    Thanks!  I rarely do layouts without photos for the same reason.  Since this was for the recipe layout challenge, it was easier since I felt the recipe was the main focus.  :) 

  5. Your challenge today is to use the same photo multiple times on your layout.  You can use more than one photo, but one photo must be used more than once.  I can't wait to see your creative layouts!
    *Use the same photo in color and black and white (or other photo treatment)
    *Use a photo in the background as well as the main photo
    *Highlight different aspects of the same photo by creatively cropping or framing

    Post your layouts in the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery and post a link back in this thread.

  6. Thank you for your patience, ladies!  I just sent the link for this month's recipes.  You will receive the gift certificates for participating via e-mail.


    @scrapgarden you are the winner of the quarterly recipe challenge!! 




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