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  1. @beatricemi, where at in Michigan are you? I am staying in South Eastern MI for the summer, in a campground near PawPaw. I agree. the trees are in full bloom. It's beautiful! Here is my layout from Illinois flowers though.
  2. Featuring: I Love Mornings by Aimee Harrison Designs. http://store.scrapgirls.com/I-Love-Mornings-Collection.html
  3. Oh, looks yummy! The floor looks nice. I love the pops of red.
  4. Laura

    Week 19

    This week was filled with family, friends, and farewells for now. We enjoyed the weekend out at Cole’s Creek with Kory and Megan and their friends as well as Mom and Dad. It rained a lot on Friday but the rest of the weekend was beautiful. We gave Mom her Mother’s Day gift. On Saturday, I took maternity photos of Shannon and Austin. She is due in July. Now that we won’t be going to the gym anymore, I had an idea to create a gym outdoors. Chad brought my creation to life! It consists of a 2x4 with eye bolts every foot that I can clip on resistance bands for different workouts. It was so pretty
  5. Laura

    2022 04 30 Week 18

    This is our last week in Illinois. This was New Baden’s Garage Sale Weekend. Mom and I went Friday, but Chad and I went on Saturday. It rained at first so we stopped at the park for the breakfast that I packed. Well, apparently I grabbed a raw egg instead of a hard boiled one. I cracked it on the door arm rest of the truck and it got all over! What a mess!opened the door and dumped it out onto the road. Later that day we went to Haiden’s Baseball game. On Sunday, 5/1, we watched Kendon play flag football. He is pretty good. Since we were in Carlyle, we visited Kellen after the game. He was wor
  6. Laura

    No 1 May 2022 web.jpg

    That's a funny (but kinda sad) story about the phone. That's life these days. I love how organized your page looks. Beautiful sun photo!
  7. Welcome back @CRS. Take your time. I'm glad you are here.
  8. Laura

    March 2022

    Pretty flowers! Iove the balance of the purple with the yellow and the green in the graduation gown makes it pop.
  9. Here is Week 17 in the books. It's been a busy spring! And here is Week 18. And here is week 19. Caught up!
  10. Laura

    Week 17

    This was a fun week! Kory and Megan went to Hawaii for vacation so Kenadee spent the weekend at Mom and Dad’s. On Saturday, 4/23, I went to visit them. She was looking at a scrapbook that I created for Mom and Dad’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. I love that she is interested. She said she likes to scrapbook so I hooked her up with LOTS of photos and some of my old scrapbook supplies. Later, Mom, Kenadee, Grandma Blumenstein, and I went to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful day and a great girl’s day of bonding. That evening, Kenadee and I sat in the hot tub. The guys stayed home a
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  13. Welcome back! I love photography. I can't wait to see your work.
  14. Laura


    Welcome! I hope we can be some inspiration for you. Have fun!
  15. Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Here is my page.
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