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  1. Laura

    Picture Perfect

    pretty glitter! Love the framing.
  2. This is so cool how you make the scene to match the photo!
  3. I like the way you did the tabs at the bottom.
  4. Laura

    What A Catch

    I like the edges on the paper- it makes a great frame.
  5. Love this page! I really like the stripes in your photo mask.
  6. Laura

    Debbie's Jello Delight

    My grandma makes that a lot. Cute Strawberry Shortcake!
  7. Laura

    Summer Moments

    I love the way the sections are separated.
  8. Laura

    Aloha from Paradise

    I love the splash of water~!
  9. Love the crown! I love the cluster at the top with the star. This is a beautiful page.
  10. Laura

    Summer Solstice

    Love the use of shapes here.
  11. Laura

    Spring Vibes

    I love the black and white against all of the pretty colors.
  12. Laura

    Flowers Dream

    What a precious photo. Love the clustering.
  13. Laura


    Love this! I love how you used a circle for your wordart.
  14. Laura


    I love how your pages shows action and movement. The colors really look great against her black and white outfit.
  15. Looks like you have a fun family! Love the playfulness of this page.
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