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  1. My Best Friend Mindy had her appendix removed so I sent her a card that I made on 3/12. Chad helped me make a Rhubarb Strawberry Jelly Recipe from my Grandma Ann’s Cook Book. It turned out so yummy! Then we went to the movies to see “Champions” in Highland. It was an inspiring movie! I love going to the movies in Highland because they have an employee do “the phone song” before each movie, reminding us to turn off our phones. I had Green Lucky Charm Popcorn. Oh, I forgot- we also attempted Popped Quinoa on Saturday. It turned out a bit too toasted, but still good. IT was fun to watch it pop! On Thursday, I walked in the rain to Casey’s at 6:30 am to get 1 bottle of beer! Boy, the looks I got! I just had to have it to make my Corned Beef recipe I had since it was 3/17, St. Patrick’s Day! It turned out so delicious! I also made some cabbage. I brought some to both of my Grandma’s too. Mom invited us and Kory’s family to dinner on Saturday. It was so nice to get together. It was a great night! Mom made pork chops with apples on top. It was so yummy! Then we hung out in the garage so we can play with Duke. He loves to sit in Krusty. He even posed for a photo with me while I sat in there with him and petted him. Duke is fitting in just fine with Mom and Dad. They both enjoy him a lot. I am so happy for that. I enjoyed time with all of them. Megan and the girls were busy so we we missed them. http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Tools-Styles-Paper-Borders-6401.html SBA_SSStyles_BasicShadows_6501_ColorMatch_Large http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Alpha-Templates-Photo-Collage-Numbers.html Kit: DBH "Made with Love"
  2. We had a great time at our Spring Crop. I got 43 pages done. On 3/5 we took a group photo and I scrapped for a bit before coming home to Chad. He spent some time with his parents this weekend. My sprouts are doing so good! They grew a bunch over the weekend. I was off on Wednesday, 3/8 so I worked on some crafts. This weekend of scrapbooking inspired me to get more crafty with my Cricut. I did some research and created this Cardinal Shadow Box. It turned out cute! Later that evening, Mom and Dad dropped off some strawberries that I purchased from Megan’s Niece’s fundraiser. They are huge and delicious! I hope they last till the weekend when I have time to do something with them. I ended up juicing most of them Thursday evening so they don’t get over ripe and moldy. I am going to make jelly with them this weekend. My friendly bird visitors still come many times a day. It’s usually one male and one female finch. We named them Fred and Bernette, after our grandparents. I love hearing them chirp outside and watch them get the bird seed. Sekada: Strawberry Mint Kit http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Tools-Styles-Paper-Borders-6401.html SBA_SSStyles_BasicShadows_6501_ColorMatch_Large http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Alpha-Templates-Photo-Collage-Numbers.html
  3. Here is my page. This is the perfect challenge to scrapbook this photos from our recent cruise.
  4. AFT_SSTools_PaperBorders_6401_3_Small Day 4: Wednesday, 2/1/2023 8:24 am We got up this morning and went to the gym for our daily workout and then went up to the Lido Deck to get breakfast as we sailed into Amber Cove, in the Dominican Republic. Boy does the weather change fast here! It was getting cloudy while we were working out and had a large downpour while we were eating. But, by the time it was time to get off of the ship, it was nice and sunny again, like nothing ever happened! We were so bummed when the rain came. I am glad it didn’t last long.
  5. After dinner, we made our way to the theater for the “Heart and Soul” musical show. They sang and danced to many love songs. We knew a few of them. After the show, we turned in for the night. Tomorrow is our first port of call. Template: MFish_ArtsyBlocks24_03 Kit: Blue Heart Scraps “Such as Loser”
  6. I LOVE formal night on the cruise ships. It’s like Prom Night for adults! You get to dress up fancy, have a few photos taken, and then enjoy the night of gourmet food and great entertainment. After we got all dressed up, we hit the photo booths. I caught a sweet moment of Juan and Mindy dancing because the band was playing their song. Then we went to dinner. We started off with shrimp, then had a great Prime Rib dinner with sangria to drink, and warm melting cake and ice cream to finish it off. Chad and I shared our meal again tonight. It was delicious! I used: AFT Nuance kit Template: MFish VA Leaf Peepers 3 03
  7. Great photo! I love the mix of the flowers with the faucet at the bottom.
  8. How cute! The page makes her look so tiny! I love the quote.
  9. Such a precious photo! I love this page! I really like the bold pink border.
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