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  1. Laura

    Lovely Girl (JIFFY page)

    The light green in this page did a great job of allowing the little lady to stand out. Great job and great color choices.
  2. Laura

    8/11/19 Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    The colors used in accent really draw out the pea soup fog. I love the photo with each element fading into the fog as it is further away.
  3. Laura

    Edith Love

    So precious! The color of the pages make the baby's cheeks really stand out.
  4. Laura

    Fire Weather

    What a pretty page! I love the way the page is torn to compliment the cloudy haze over the sun.
  5. Laura


    And I love the arrows to bring the eyes from the first page to the other.
  6. Laura


    Great job journaling. I like how you did the date.
  7. Laura

    Golden Dream

    You did a great job with complementing colors on this page. She is adorable.
  8. Laura


    This page is a great representation of the cloudy situation.
  9. LD Remington Portable Font treed-ahf-lovinlife-lovethislife DEB_MessyMats_BrushSet_5 PWR_Durango_12x12_GreenStripe
  10. Laura

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge- May 1

    This is mine
  11. JRE_12thOfNever_Stitching4 SNU_AboutaBoy_EmbMini-StarFastners copy 2 SNU_AboutaBoy_EmbMini-StarFastners copy SNU_AboutaBoy_EmbMini-StarFastners SNU_AboutABoy_12x12-ABC DTRD_FF_wire SNU_AboutABoy_12x12-JungleGym MST_SSSTools_Embeded1801
  12. Laura

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge May 29th

    Here is Mine
  13. LD Remington Portable BMU_Grace_FireInHerSoul BMU_Grace_Floral BMU_Grace_Mint BMU_Grace_Flower_YellowB BMU_Grace_Flower_Black MRE_BrushSet_Grapevines_Vines1
  14. Laura

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 6/5/2018

    Here is Mine My usual style is natural colors, more sophisticated and adult. I really don't like the "cartoon" type style with shiny, bright and colorful, drawn items. I like the "real" looking items. So, for this challenge, I pushed myself to use some items that I may not otherwise. I like how it turned out!