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  1. I used 8 "bows" on my page- Page Layout: CTH_SSAlbum_MSPL4_7 Font: LD Remington Portable Word Art: SNU_2MuchFun_WrdArt-Boy Embellishments: SNU_2MuchFun_Emb_Bow
  2. Here is Mine
  3. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Album Series 13 COL Garden Plot- top layer of paper BMU By Hand Word Art ABR Being With You- 3 bottom layers of paper Font: Remington Portable by Lettering Delights
  4. What a great way to get me to use one of my new items. Thanks! Here is mine: Weekend Wildcard Challenge 1 27 18
  5. My most recent purchase included the ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Album Series 13 so I used it for this page. Items Used: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Album Series 13 Font: Old Glory by Lettering Delights Kit: ABR Being With You
  6. It's been awhile since I posted so this challenge was a great way to get back into it. Thanks! Here is mine Weekend Wildcard Challenge 2-17-2018
  7. Kit: BMU Molly Milk Font: LD Old Glory
  8. Any suggestions for scrapbooking adult firefighting pages? I am a volunteer firefighter and have a lot to scrap but I can't find anything good to use. Everywhere I look, it is like the "paper doll" or "cartoony" type kits.
  9. From the album My Album

    Products used from : STI Promise, BMU Molly Milk
  10. From the album My Album

    Boarder: ASO Whimsical Watercolor Water drops: BMU Costal "Bath" Word Art: TYO Pin It Up Font: Chicken scratch

    © Laura Dulle

  11. Today! I am so excited! I can't wait to see you all. I am not sure when I will be there. My grandmother is having surgery today ( and my poor Lucy Dog is having surgery tomorrow so I will have to run home and take her to the vet, and pick her up in the late afternoon). I am hoping to get there by late afternoon, before dinner. As far as food and stuff goes, Tiza did a great job with the local joints with in a mile of the hotel. There are tons of options so if you are hungry for something, I can guarantee you will find it. I was going to make a suggestion of Shogun Japanese Steakhouse. You are seated in front of a grill and the chef cooks the food in front of you (fried rice, veggies and meat). It's an entertaining meal. Just a thought. Also, there is Dierburgs, which is a huge grocery store. That is in the area of the hotel as well. If everyone would text me their number, I would be grateful. Then, I can send the group the phone numbers so we all have them in case we need anything. If you could, please text me at 618-444-9631. See ya soon!
  12. Conda, usually traffic isn't bad if you are coming into St Louis but you should be fine. Rush Hour usually clears around 5:30-6ish. Call me if you need any help or have any questions: 618-444-9631.
  13. Bummer! Hopefully next time!
  14. So, if you do this, do I need to pick anyone up from the airport? We should have plenty of vehicles then too, so I don't need my sister's van, right? Oh, I am so excited! Can't wait to see you all!