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  1. Awe, how sweet. Great use of the word bubble!
  2. Laura

    Sunny Day

    I love how you faded the photo into the paper. The color combinations are awesome!
  3. Laura


    Beautiful page. I like the way you created a tiled photo mat look.
  4. Laura


    What a lovely page. I love the music notes and bar. I like the outline and vellum look to it. Great job.
  5. Laura

    Hospital Page 7

    What a powerful way to remember what you are going through. I'm glad you had a nurse that helped you. As a nurse myself, I am inspired by your perspective and thoughts. Thank you for creating this page.
  6. Cool effect to the photo. I love the layers of green papers.
  7. Laura

    August 2021 desktop

    Love it! Looks like a lot of summer fun. I love that wave in the page, just like the waves in the water.
  8. How cute! Babies are so easily entertained. I love the splash brushes behind the photos. Great job.
  9. I love the color combination you used. The green accents the purple in her shirt very well.
  10. Laura

    Happy, Too!

    I love the bright colors! Her beautiful smile really pops out of the page.
  11. Laura

    Online Shopping

    How cute! I love the little accents. It add just enough to embellish the page.
  12. So pretty! I love the clouds in the mountains. I love the little pop of embellishments to the side. It showcases the photo perfectly.
  13. Laura

    Going Home

    Love the journaling. Beautiful photo! I love your clusters at the corner.
  14. Laura


    How precious! I love the bright colors. The black embellishments really pop. Thanks for participating.
  15. That’s very pretty. I love the cluster. It frames the photo perfectly. Thanks for participating.
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