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  1. Laura


    I like the film strip at the top.
  2. Laura


    I love the combination of real image and sketch in this page. Very creative.
  3. Laura


    I love this. Many have not heard of digital scrapbooking. I'm glad you are sharing it for generations to come. I love the arrangement of this page.
  4. How cute. I love the filter on this photo.
  5. I love your list. That's true- 2020 makes everyone deserve a great Christmas.
  6. Laura

    Dear Santa

    Definitely love the font! I love the playful background paper.
  7. Laura

    Bingo 9

    I really like the arrangement of the elements.
  8. Laura

    Bingo 18

    haha. How cute! Love the quotes.
  9. Laura


    How touching. I love Cardinals. Great job blending.
  10. Love the "no thanks" items! How cute. I'm glad you documented that. I love the simple arrangement of the elements.
  11. I love the arch. I drove by it twice a day when I worked in St. Louis. I love the image of it down at the bottom.
  12. Awe, what a cute photo. I love the clustering in this photo.
  13. Laura

    Letters to Santa

    I love the clustering here.
  14. The triangles really bring out the fun of the little girl's personality. Great job.
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