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  1. Here is mine. This year I didn't make it Christmas themed, lol. Last year I did and I kept it all year 🙂But on matter how hard I try to get rid of it, it doesn't delete! I delete it and "save", but then it keeps coming back! lol Update: I finally got it to delete.
  2. I used http://store.scrapgirls.com/Happy-Camper-Collection-Biggie.html
  3. Beautiful artsy look!
  4. I like how you turned the template. It looks great! I love the different scenes. It's very pretty.
  5. I love the different elements you added to the page. It really mixes well with the different colors of the outfits. What a beautiful family.
  6. Oh no! Well, Angels fall every once in awhile. Sometimes we need a fresh soul to watch over us! I love the use of the circles in the page.
  7. Laura


    I love the black and white photo used in the page. It helps it stand out from the bright, elaborate (and beautiful) decorations.
  8. Oh, I love the German Christmas Market in Chicago! I was so fun. I love your page. It is so bright and cheerful.
  9. Oh, I love the black background! Great job blending.
  10. The pink page is the perfect compliment to her green shirt. I love the contrast! The pie looks yummy!
  11. Christmas Carole is doing a great job! It's hard with the fine motor skills at that age. Beautiful page! I love the lights and blending. The strand of lights looks real!
  12. Laura

    Ruthmere Tea: Rosie

    Beautiful young lady! I love the lace border on the page. It really pops.
  13. Awe, how sweet! I love the name and it has quite a meaning. Bless you for saving that kitten. I love the floral cluster look with the linen texture.
  14. Congratulations! What a pretty puppy. I love the fun look to your page.
  15. Love the siggie! I like that you represent your country.
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