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  1. Featuring: #2020 June by Connie Prince http://store.scrapgirls.com/Value-Pack-2020-June.html
  2. Looks yummy! Thank you for participating. I love your use of negative space. It's something I don't do often. You pulled it off well.
  3. Featuring: Blue Bayou by CarolW Designs http://store.scrapgirls.com/Blue-Bayou-Kit.html
  4. @SodScrap hahahah! I have my moments, lol. @mimes1 I totally agree about "hiding" our purchases! This is much easier than walking out of the scrapbook store with a tiny bag that looks almost empty but contains items costing about $100!
  5. Wow, amazing! You did a great job of matching the colors of the elements to the picture. I love the way you kept it all to the center. I bet that made some fabulous memories.
  6. 1 Do you use a desktop or laptop? Both, but primarily desktop 2 Favorite place to scrapbook? sitting in front of the television 3 How often during the week do you find time to sit down and scrap? It comes and goes- sometimes every night, sometimes a few night a week. 4 What software do you use? Photoshohp 5 How long does it usually take you to create a layout? 15 minutes to an hour, it depends on how decorated I want it 6 Do you have a favorite beverage or snack you have to have when you sit down to scrap? not really 7 Is there one digi technique you would reall
  7. I love the darks in the kit above. It reminds me of this kit First Blush.
  8. Laura

    2022 06 18 Week 25

    Saturday, 6/18 started off with a HUGE decision. It was decided that we cannot afford to live life on the right right now with fuel and food prices so high. We are going to move back home to be with our family and friends for a bit. We agreed to move back when we come home for the 4th of July Celebrations. Later, we went to Chad’s parents house for dinner with Todd and Chad’s parents to celebrate Father’s Day. It was such a beautiful evening! We sat in the driveway. Gary even suckered the boys into helping find a leak in the kitchen sink. On Sunday, we celebrated by going for lunch at Grandma
  9. Laura

    2022 06 11 Week 24

    I am so grateful we were able to make it out for Ken’s funeral on 6/11/2022. It was a celebration of life filled with lots of people telling their favorite memories of him. We went to Chad’s parents after the mass to spend time with them and Todd. We drove back to Michigan on Sunday because Chad had to work in the evening. There was a quick and violent storm that hit the area Monday Night, around 7:30pm. It knocked out our power (and many throughout Michigan and Indiana). Estimated restoration was 11pm on Wednesday! We went 48+ hours without power, which also knocked out the Campground’s water
  10. Laura

    2022 06 04 Week 23

    The weekend started 6/4 with a visit to the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market. It rivals with the Soulard Market in St. Louis. It’s amazing! We got freshly picked naturally ripened strawberries. Then we went hiking at Kalamazoo Nature Center. I had a $25 Gift Card for Grubhub from work, so we ordered online for lunch. I didn’t realize it was a take-out place in the grocery store. We sat in the truck and ate it. On our way out, we stopped at a thrift shop to find some clothes for me. I was shrinking out of mine. On Sunday, 6/5, Chad had to work. I went for a hike in the woods. I brought shopping bags t
  11. I love the arrangement. This is such a fun kit to use!
  12. I love the use of the template. It makes the page look so clean. Great job matching the plaid with the stripes.
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