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  1. LOVE the garden picture! I used to have the same flower combination in my garden, but just got rid of the Russian Sage this spring, because it was spreading into everything else. But, you make me kind of miss it. I like that used one big picture on the page.
  2. Here is my Hollywood inspired LO. Whew! I made it! Now I can relax and get ready for my real vacation! Oh, yeah, there's work to do, in order to get ready for vacation. Well, rest starts tomorrow. Thanks for the great World Tour, everyone! It was fun, and very productive!
  3. Here is my Hollywood inspired LO.
  4. Here's my Easter Island inspired LO. Now I need to knock out one more LO quick, so I can pack and get ready for our real vacation. Need to mow the lawn, yet, too. So much to do. This has been a fun World Tour, and it's helped me get so many layouts done. Thanks for the motivation, everyone!
  5. Here's my Easter Island inspired LO. I used the repetition of the huge shipping cranes as the inspiration. Products used: MRE_Lifted_Journal TKA_CombatINT
  6. Here is my Australian Reef inspired LO. I went with flowers instead of fish. Not sure if I'm going to get the last one done. Working a lot this week, as my co-worker is out of town, and my twin sister and mom are coming in to town tonight. Haven't seen my twin in several months. So I might have to jump ship for a couple days.
  7. Here is my Australian Reef inspired LO. I went with flowers instead of fish. This is the former Botanical Gardens of Hamburg, Germany. Products Used: SG_ANarrative JRE_SSPaper_FreshStart MRE_Lifted_Journal
  8. That's our local zoo! So exciting to see this layout. Glad to see you were able to come enjoy our awesome zoo here in Omaha. I hope you enjoyed it. Great layout! I love your title.
  9. Here's my Japan_Serenity inspired LO.
  10. This is my Japan_Serenity LO. It is of the Bougainvillea in Cinque Terre. Products Used: CRO_SpringWhimsy MRE_Farmhouse
  11. Here is my Wall layout. It is of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The large picture is the outer wall of the castle. The Europe trip was a gift to my daughter and I for our 21st and 50th birthdays.
  12. This is my Wall picture for the World Tour. It is of Neuschwanstein Castle. It was Number 1 on my Bucket List, and fun to visit on this trip. Kayla and I were gifting this trip to ourselves in celebration of our soon to be 50th and 21st birthdays. Products Used: SG_ANarrative VRA_Journaling AFT_SSPaper_AbsoBlended MRE_Farmhouse
  13. I love everything about this layout! Beautiful!
  14. Here is my Taj Mahal 1 and Taj Mahal 2 inspired layouts. I couldn't get all my pictures that I wanted on one page, so I just went with a double layout. Now to enjoy some pool time while we cruise to our next location.
  15. This is my Taj Mahal inspired layout. I used the directional flow of the water feature as my inspirations. You see that same directional flow in the path and the carpets of this first page. ABR_BecauseYou