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  1. I was wondering if there are any instructions to follow to color and put together the pieces of the frames in this set. Christine
  2. I was wondering where to look to find the create your own collections with the palette for anniversary week? Christine
  3. Yes, this is terrible that they won't even communicate with you. I just tried too and still get the bad site message. I also did what you posted Thursday, Angie, about writing my own message to them that this is a safe site, but heard nothing. Christine
  4. Is Ginny Whitcomb's Painted Wood not on sale? It's listed at 3.99 regular price. Christine
  5. In today's newsletter, Sept. 29, 2020, there are a few layouts that that caught my eye for the technique that was used. For example "Time" by Amy and "Tasty" by Nichole, and "You" by Cindy, which have the look of the photo blending into the wood. Is there a tutorial that shows how to do this? Those are so lovely. Christine
  6. Thank you all for your information. Christine
  7. Are these templates in psd format or png format...for example, Paper templates: Modern Messy...
  8. I love how the embellishments you used on this page enhances the beautiful photo. Great LO!
  9. In Syndee’s tutorial, Quick Photo Masking with Guided Edits in PSE, after she creates a masked photo with the Painterly effect, she moved the masked photo to a background paper to create her layout. Then she says she added a soft blue paint mask under the photo layer. Does this mean you just pick a mask and put it on a new layer below the one with the painterly effect and color it blue?
  10. This is a beautiful layout. It's so elegant and the colors are so pretty with the photo.
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