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  1. tsendi

    Folder backgrounds

    I give you a lot of credit. I would have been afraid to delete my folders too!
  2. tsendi

    Products Used in Templates

    Thanks for the info and suggestions. I do think that it would be a good idea if the products used were listed in the samples.
  3. tsendi

    Products Used in Templates

    They were all nice, but I was wondering about that capital "B" in the first LO and the fall layout too. Usually the examples list what products were used. This is the first time that I noticed that they weren't. Thanks for trying though. It's no big deal.
  4. tsendi

    Products Used in Templates

    Thanks for trying.
  5. How can I find out which products were used in the Scrapgirls Newsletter for today? I'm specifically wanting to know what was used in the LOs in Veronica Spriggs' Structured Stories I Templates.
  6. tsendi

    Gallery Question

    How can I search the Scrap Team or Creative Team galleries? I don't see that in the Options to just look in those. Christine
  7. tsendi

    Some items not on sale???

    Thanks , Angie!
  8. tsendi

    Some items not on sale???

    Actually I'm browsing on my cell phone and I'm noticing many things aren't marked on sale. I'm going to assume that everything is on sale except the monthly clubs.
  9. I was looking at Ginny Whitcomb's Watercolor Textures and noticed that they are not marked down by 40%. Can you tell me if those are excluded from the sale? Christine
  10. Does anyone know whether this can be done in Photoshop Elements???
  11. Does Syndee's Text Placeholder Tutorial work in Photoshop Elements? Christine
  12. Thanks gals for all your input. I'll have to give all these suggestions a try. It drives me crazy until I figure out what I have in mind...can't do it today or tomorrow because I have to watch my 3 year old grandson.
  13. Thank you Diane and Syndee for your suggestions.
  14. I wonder if you could use the Dynamic Brush Set : Painted 6301 to do this...Can dynamic brushes also be used like regular brushes, or do you have to drag them?
  15. https://scrapgirls.com/all-posts/blending-with-the-brush-tool This is Diane's tutorial. The Brush Set is "Painted" but I can't find it in Scrapgirls' shop. It must be discontinued.