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  1. Just wanted to give an update on what I decided to do to display my layouts...I bought a 15 inch Nixplay Original digital frame and loaded my layouts on a USB flash drive to run my layouts. They display beautifully and now I can enjoy them while sitting in my family room. I just set it to "fit screen" and enjoy the show. My concern was that they wouldn't display nicely because they are square shaped layouts but that has proven to not be an issue.
  2. I took your advice, Angie, and contacted Nexplay. I think that will work out well. Thanks for the suggestion. Christine
  3. I was afraid they'd try to stretch it to have that ratio in order to fit the whole screen display. If it would just get centered that would be ok I guess.
  4. So you think it would center a square Layout on a black background that has a 4:3 ratio?
  5. I'm interested in a few of the suggestions that mentioned a digital frame...do they make digital frames that would show 8x8 or 10x10 or 12x12 LOs? If not how do you size them to fit in a standard size digital frame? Christine
  6. I was thinking of doing the effect you describe where the photo is under the frame, but parts of the frame are covered by the photo.
  7. Thank you so much.
  8. Is there a tutorial that shows you how to put a frame over a mask, but to sort of interweave the frame into the mask so just parts of the frame show? Christine
  9. I am looking for two layouts from today's newsletter. One is "What Grows Together"by: Carmel using the "Garden View" Collection and the other is "Spring"by: Sondra using the "Spring Fantasy" Collection. I can't find them in the Gallery and was wondering if templates were used to create them and/or other kits.
  10. tsendi

    Re-coloring or coloring tutorial

    Here is another great tutorial on this subject... https://scrapgirls.com/blog/tips-for-coloring-templates
  11. tsendi

    Re-coloring or coloring tutorial

    I also found this video by Brandy Murray to be very helpful...
  12. tsendi

    Re-coloring or coloring tutorial

    I found this on Scrapgirls while searching for recoloring, and it was very helpful. It was posted by Teecee in May of 2014... Use the magic wand tool... 1. FIrst, make a copy of the photo and close the original. 2. Click the foreground color chip to open the color picker and select the color you want to change the dress/vest to. 3. Select the magic wand tool, (In PSE 11, the shortcut is A - in earlier versions of PSE the shortcut is W). 4. In the tool options bar, select the icon for Add to Selection, set the Tolerance to 32, and check Contiguous. 5. Click in the areas of the dress and vest where you want to change the color. Marching ants will outline the areas you selected. 6. Go to Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/Saturation (shortcut is CTRL+U) 7. A Hue/Saturation dialog box will open - check the colorize box. 8. Play with the Saturation and/or Lightness sliders until the dress and vest are the colors you want. (Just be careful not to go too far with the sliders or you will lose detail.) 9. Click OK and press CTRL+D to deselect the marching ants. You may need to play around a little to get the colors and detail just the way you want it. HTH
  13. tsendi


    I think Anne-Marie's suggestions will give the pages a great pop 6of color. Christine
  14. Yes, I would be very interested in these various looks on my photos. Will you be letting us know if you're going to create these for sale? Christine