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  1. I think Anne-Marie's suggestions will give the pages a great pop 6of color. Christine
  2. Yes, I would be very interested in these various looks on my photos. Will you be letting us know if you're going to create these for sale? Christine
  3. I just started in the Scrapgirls club and was wondering if there is a gallery that features layouts using the monthly club kits. Christine
  4. password change

    1. alsoarty


      I think April or Angie can help you?

  5. Most of those links aren't working.
  6. After originally thinking of getting an I-Phone, I changed my mind and went with the Samsung S7 after doing a lot of research and am glad I did. I love it. It's really fast, holds the battery charge for a long time, and takes beautiful pictures. Even the rep at the AT&T center advised choosing S7 over Apple.
  7. Just gorgeous!
  8. I have 9 and 13 and like them both. 13 is different, but you can easily adapt to it with no problem.
  9. I got it now. I was trying to delete, but I should have been on the blue layer.
  10. I tried your method Diane, but now I can't get rid of the blue around the outside of the globe. I've tried the magic wand tool and selected the outside, but I can't delete the blue. I've tried inverting the selection, but that didn't work either. I've tried pressing delete, backspace, but I don't know what else to try. I know it's probably something really simple that I'm doing wrong.
  11. Thanks, Diane. I'll give that a try. I want to put a cute photo of my baby grandson in it. Christine
  12. I'm trying to add a photo in the transparent snowglobe, but when I clip the photo to the snowglobe the transparency shows through the photo. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Christine
  13. Here's a YouTube video that might help. This is Part 1. There are 4 parts in all. Christine
  14. Thank you for the quick reply. I just love that layout, so I thought that I could do a little scraplifting...that's why I needed to find out if you can clip photos to a digital brush. Christine
  15. I have a question about Emily Abramson's wonderful new brush set. In the sample layout, how are the photos clipped to the circles? Do the brushes act the same way as clipping masks? I haven't used brushes that much to know. Thanks. Christine