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  1. This is so beautiful! And how fun to read your description of the life growing in your yard. Simply beautiful!!
  2. I used BMU-Seize the Day. My mom is now on hospice and everyday is another chance to have our family care for her - the kids have all been so helpful and loving to her. Each one has fed her and gave her juice to drink throughout the day. It has been a long journey- we are thankful that we could take care of her.
  3. Magic! 54 years tops countless couples of today! Well done! and your LO is beautiful! (we are got a few more years to reach 50)
  4. I have often thought of doing this, but at least we got to go to AZ for Jan this year with our 6 kids. We took our RV trailer and a camper on the truck to fit everyone- it was so much fun. Mom went to a nursing home. I love the whimsical RV trailer with the stars and moon, really cute plus your picture over the map paper. I am so glad you get to do this!!!
  5. How absolutely beautiful with the fairies and their home along with your pansies. Do they pull out the weeds??
  6. DixieLee

    Sweet sisters

    This is such a sweet page you made. love it. and I really like the curve of the quote too !
  7. oh, this is cute!! I've been there, fun to go!
  8. The molten lava cake sundaes looks so delicious! amazing. Your LO is great, the title even looks rich!
  9. Yum!! Getting to personally taste the cake has got to be the best way to become a baker! Very cute, fun colors too, the grass is cool!
  10. On top of what every one else said I really like the stitching on the photos, very creative!
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