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  1. DixieLee

    Alexi Decorating Her Tree

    I got inspired by Judy's "All I want for Christmas" LO. Thank you Judy for the inspiration! our daughter Alexi loves to decorate!
  2. DixieLee

    Christmas Wonder

    This is as cute as can be! love the framing and blending and shooting stars, it is like he is tracking them as well as looking at the tree.
  3. DixieLee

    Winter Camping

    Boy, you are brave camping in the snow! wonderful LO, like how you stacked your photos and also using the two bigger ones to blend in. Very well made!
  4. This is a darling Lo and thanks for reminding us of Jode, she inspired us all and was happy to share her talent. This is funny about the boomers!
  5. DixieLee


    all the above and what is there not to like about horses to admire, very sharp and I also like your fonts
  6. DixieLee

    In the Courtyard: Steven & Sara

    awww! What a magical wedding in the garden, very pretty the greenery is perfect, of course the couple look like they are in a Hallmark movie
  7. DixieLee

    Bath Time Fun by Kythe 02.jpg

    This came out so cute and like the above comment about your background paper looking like a soft towel is adorable with your photo, the ric rac adds so much too.
  8. DixieLee

    Down On The Farm.jpg

    Your journaling shows your great love for your grandchildren. Such a timeless photo- love it!
  9. DixieLee

    SLow scrap LO #1

    This is an amazing LO, so beautiful and the angle of the picture with the framing as if they could fly off the mountain ledge (and I really am drawn to your "A" in the title and I like your stitched down frame, all beautifully put to together.
  10. DixieLee

    Wedding Rings

    This is so romantic and I really like how you showed the rinds in three different ways, very pretty!!
  11. DixieLee

    Weekend Challenge 11/2/19 BW In Road

    ohhhh, Marilyn, I really like this and the texture of the road is even more special along with your journaling! just terrific!
  12. DixieLee

    This is Only the Beginning

    Her expression is so sweet, the border is perfect with your LO and your blending makes it all rich.
  13. DixieLee

    Seeing Each Other WW 11/2

    Reminds me of King Kong. timeless, thanks for sharing this
  14. DixieLee

    weekend wildcard_B&W challenge

    I really appreciate what you made!
  15. DixieLee


    looks perfect, love your colors!