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  1. I love how the colors are all soft and the emphasis is put on her. very pretty.
  2. This is really pretty, flowers don't make it with me- I think it is because I feed the kids and forget to feed the flowers. I like how you layered embells that are really subtle like the doily.
  3. DDS- Easter's Garden and PWR- Attic Treasures
  4. very pretty! I like the textures and the roses!
  5. beautiful. really like your title too, the style of it.
  6. This is very romantic, like your captured photo, the masking and the big title, great job.
  7. Family photos are the prize of working and loving so hard to raise our children, I also like your title 'My Tribe' and your rich colors, feathers.
  8. Thank you so much for letting me know that I made a mistake--tem should be term in the definition. Yes, I should let my kids proofread it.
  9. Easter was Fun! I am trying to make LOs for each of the kids that were here. I am learning to layer more as I go along. I used EBA-Daffodil Days, MRE- Brush set Hearts, SSEMB-Fall Out Frames and AFT-Paper in Pieces. The definition under the 'Sweethearts' I found in dictionaries and improvised.
  10. You were way up before the crack of dawn this morning!! How are you feeling?

    1. MariJ


      Yeah for sure not a good sleeper and up before the crack of dawn.   Coming along slowly but surely thank you.  I'd send you a PM but I don't know how!  Thank you for thinking of me as you always do. :)

    2. DixieLee


      Well, I just sent you a big Spring Hug that should get there on any swift robin--nope, make it a Canadian goose! That way you can't miss it when it flies overhead honking at you!! lots of love! bonnie

  11. This is a real keepsake for your girls too in the years ahead, wonderful LO! the mega lift really makes the leaf stand out!
  12. The title sure came out nice and I like the springy soft colors with the castle photo, your blending always amazed me.
  13. So precious! And I enjoy seeing the tags stacked and different elements.
  14. lots of fun in this LO!! plus I always enjoy seeing photos of kids having fun!
  15. I have a Curio and have thought about cutting out SG products to make cards with. Really appreciate seeing your card here.