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  1. I really like what you did here! The stitching dots brings the three photos in together.
  2. thanks for sharing this, like your photo alot and what you have brought to it.
  3. Yes, I like the western look as well like Pab stated, very antique looking. Fun to read your journaling.
  4. When I saw the motorcycle I thought of you, great job on the shadow journaling. You are such an adventurer!
  5. Fabulous! sigh....wish you would give us a tutorial on how you did it, What a wonder!
  6. me too! So cool that you made this!
  7. Makes me smile! I like the inset photos, well done!!
  8. Pure joy! love looking at his photos and your paper and collection you used go perfectly and the blending it great too!
  9. That is clever, the blended edge is good and the equal sign is neat-you are inspiring- I should check my stash and see what I can find- Thanks!
  10. DixieLee


    Sometimes it is hard being a mom esp. when the baby cries for 3 hours in the night because of teething. I made this to be an encouragement to Tavia. I used GWH- stacked photos, JMadd- mask and ABR-SSPaper free. The photo was taken at Bryce Canyon last Fall.
  11. DixieLee

    Levy Family Fun.jpg

    Brrrr! What a wonderful photo, the landscape looks so wintery too, I like your subtle masking. And a great font too for your title.
  12. oh my! This is so gorgeous! so much detail, each one a surprise!
  13. following a bad storm night I got up and saw that our flower bloomed giving me hope. I used the Winter Rustle collection by DDS. It is a very simple LO, but I am just happy for the flower.
  14. We started off with Bible names, but got sidetracked along the way. Love your daughter's name choices.
  15. DixieLee


    Isn't it amazing how fast they can get us parents to go along with them especially when he is such a cutie? The time he spent with you probably had more value than anything else. Like how you displayed your photos vertical and then balanced it with the horizontal paper, and used Fall warm colors.
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