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    I am thankful for God's mercy, he forgave my sin and saved me. God is very good!

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  1. DixieLee

    time to run.jpg

    My son used this passage to propel him forward, he is a spiritual runner. Thanks for sharing this LO!
  2. DixieLee


    so true, your words reflect what many of us have thought. Your title is incredibly fitting. The black and white is serious and then I assume that is a picture of Christ (in sepia) looking (the only one that can give eternal hope). The torn photos- torn from life. Your LO is incredible. Personally I will try to be part of encouraging and not just observing those that are hurting.
  3. DixieLee

    number 1 dad

    This is cool, caught my attention- it is the one-to-one loving manly face look.
  4. DixieLee

    Isla - May 2018

    This is so pretty, I love what you made- the blended photo along with the other, besides she is gorgeous and fun to study!! She makes me smile!
  5. DixieLee

    Moving to a better spot

    very funny!!
  6. DixieLee

    Two sons that served far away.

    Proud of these guys- as a mom you just want your kids to excel and come home safe. I used SG products, but it has been a couple years and I don't remember what I used.
  7. DixieLee

    Coast Guard son on duty over WA DC

    Seems fitting for Memorial Day to honor the men and women that protect our nation on the home front and overseas. I thank the Lord our six kids that have served have all been alright. I don't say that lightly when so many families have lost their loved ones who have served. God bless those in uniform!
  8. DixieLee


    I saw this LO and thought "This is so cool!"
  9. DixieLee

    Ice Skating Trip to Cleveland

    This is really cute, and the bread that looked like a Minion butt is funny. Good times are family times!
  10. wow, you really notice detail- usually I just chase after kids not even aware of shapes like hearts, great job! nice challenge!
  11. DixieLee

    Wildcard Weekend 05/18

    Besides the lovely photo I really like the two tone title, wonderful!
  12. DixieLee

    Petting Farm

    This is so cute, really great layering and so much to enjoy on your LO!
  13. DixieLee


    April, this came out wonderful, she is so beautiful, what a blessing to have a healthy granddaughter!!
  14. DixieLee

    gone fishing

    I have enjoyed looking at this several times and tried to copy it in my own way, but just wanted to tell you that I love what you have made.
  15. DixieLee


    love that you gave her credit for her hard work all those years. Wonderful LO! The vines play real well in with her photo too, creative you!