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  1. this is so beautiful and very Christmasy! love it, got to get my glasses so I can read the print!
  2. Really good thought, esp. for me today!
  3. I totally agree with the above comment! And I will bring my vanilla Frappe over with peppermint on top! We can both put our feet up!
  4. Besides your photo being spectacular your framing is just perfect, always enjoy seeing your sea LOs!
  5. I really enjoyed spending time with my daughter and grandson, we got to hike to a Natural Rock Bridge in Arizona close to Payson. I used BMU-Chasing Dragonflies and BMU-Color Palettes, also JZI-Fall Sunflower- thanks for looking!
  6. How very special that you got to do this, posing with a 100 year old and then holding a 4 day old baby! I was just listening to this Christmas song that says "a baby changes everything!" Jesus surely did wake up the world with his arrival. You look very cute as Mrs. Claus!!
  7. love your kind of cozy, feel like joining in!!! Really enjoy the soft neutral colors!
  8. this is absolutely so wonderful, the photo is great and the thought is the highlight to me- I can remember the many times I sat with a cup of tea mulling some situation over.
  9. This came out very cute! love the colors and your photo, so sweet!
  10. so festive for the season and delightful!
  11. This is so touching! I love to look at baby LOs, they make me smile because we certainly know how fast they grow up!!
  12. well, I wasn't sure exactly what you meant, but glad it was helpful. and have fun jumping back in and making LOs- I have been using my LOs to make junk journals--so it is all fun!
  13. I love the layers and vintage feel to your LO!
  14. On National Adoption Day Nov 17th we did adopt Bradley there were 12 children adopted in our county court that day. It was very exciting and Bradley smiled so big and shyly hugged people that were there. He is our joy and bundle of energy. We are thankful to the Lord for bringing this little handsome son into our life over three years ago.

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      You deserved it!  CongratulationsIons!

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      congrats to all!!

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      Yeah congratulations to you all, super news!