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    I am thankful for God's mercy, he forgave my sin and saved me. God is very good!

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  1. DixieLee


    yes, Bradley is all boy and healthy, we needed him and he needed us. I am grateful for all those that prayed and wished for Bradley to be able to stay with us - God answered "Yes" for all those prayers.
  2. DixieLee


    I appreciate your blending the book cover and your journaling, very good. like your background - it fits!
  3. DixieLee

    Connor is the Easter Bunny

    what a cute bunny he is! and your glitter just adds more goodness to your LO! very cute!
  4. DixieLee


    Bradley loves anything with wheels on it and of course his sister's bike is fair game. When I saw OAWA- Mr. McGregor's Garden I immediately had to get it- we even have a little bunny that runs all over the place. The picture I took of Bradley was out of focus and off the frame, he sped by so fast I couldn't get a very good picture of him so I grunged him. He is an imp!
  5. DixieLee

    cover of journal

    Thanks so much - I am very much interested in how to use the LOs that I have made of our family and put them into journals. I am always learning.
  6. DixieLee

    cover of journal

    This is the inside of the wedding journal that I made for my daughter-in-law and son. The journal cover is white leather, I reinforced the inside with card stock glued onto fabric this helped the white leather to be firn. I was so relieved and happy that this project turned out. For the book I made two signatures with each page a LO using her wedding pictures. Hope this isn't too confusing. I also made fun tags to be tucked into paper pockets.
  7. DixieLee


    Really looks inviting and makes me want to trail along, very well made!
  8. DixieLee

    37 Weeks

    This is a very sweet page and the tulle is so light and feathery, very pretty! She has had her baby, right?
  9. DixieLee

    April 2019 Monthly Challenge 4: BW Color Dalya

    This is so cool! love the red accent. The title fits her!
  10. DixieLee

    Junk Journal page

    I loved fiddling around with this, using AMU-Grunge blocks and the Caffeine Addict paper. This is another page in a junk journal for my daughter.
  11. DixieLee


    Oh my gosh, I wish I could breath this all in!!
  12. DixieLee

    Spring has sprung

    Boy, look at the difference! Spring is a time of hope! It is so uplifting to see the beauty all around at this time of year- so very pretty as well as your LO!
  13. DixieLee

    E-Josie's booklet-3_edited-2.jpg

    somehow I messed up and didn't edit it, but I made this LO for my daughter's booklet, a simple junk journal. Because it is smaller I used few elements. I used ABR-SS Emb-NatureWalkMask 1 (I love the effects of it!) and CRO-Tough Enough (the tag) and SDE-Coffee Addict Paper. Thanks for looking
  14. DixieLee

    Newsletter Challenge 9 April: August Shower

    love your work! so fun to look at this- you put a lot of details in that made your LO shine!