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  1. DixieLee

    A Winters Tale

    love your grunginess and the winter effect, the poem is great.
  2. DixieLee


    awww, this is so sweet - the blending is great and added embellishments too. And I really like how you did the partial frame too!
  3. DixieLee


    What a fun adventure LO, the little guy is really into netting something, hope he caught something!
  4. DixieLee


    This is wonderful! love your creativity and the message of God's care. The pops of color are pretty too. (I just noticed her wings)
  5. DixieLee

    Under the Big Top

    Such a fun LO that you made! I just love the button balloons and the big top and the kids look like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Thanks for sharing this!
  6. DixieLee

    Newsletter Challenge -Monarch Blending

    I have enjoyed using this collection 'Chasing Butterflies' and I really appreciate what you made here.
  7. DixieLee


    this is pretty, like how you framed the girls and added all the beach details.
  8. DixieLee


    That is so historical, can you even imagine them making the run! They had to work so hard to sod home to stand and then have to replace it twice! Love reading about your family!
  9. DixieLee


    Thank the Lord he recovered, he must have been made of sterner stuff! Wonderful LO even for a tragedy, glad to see the real letter (or copy). and his picture adds even more. Handsome man!
  10. DixieLee


    This is so pretty! Great LO!
  11. DixieLee

    Close Up NL Challenge

    so massive and cool in detail, lucky you for seeing and lucky for us to enjoy your LO!
  12. DixieLee

    Need suggestions for a title

    Do you know exactly what group of men he served with- Was he in infantry? and then what was his mos? job title? military always has a job title and number and that will help you. I googled lots of info on my military LOs- I took info and pics of medals to include on the LO.
  13. DixieLee


    What a great adventure! Must have been a lot of fun for him to hike along the walkway through the tree. very cool!
  14. DixieLee


    Really like your blending and your photo, we all feel like we could imagine you on your boat.
  15. I am enjoying making a junk journal using LOs that I have made and scrap paper, it is fun although time consuming because I don't know what I am doing....


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    2. mimes1


      Sounds awesome. Those "happy Accidents" that occur while exploring around new things are the best!

    3. Ngaire


      This sounds like loads of fun, do you think you will share some of your work with us?

    4. DixieLee


      I can try to share when I get closer to finishing. Thanks for your encouragement.