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    I am thankful for God's mercy, he forgave my sin and saved me. God is very good!

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  1. DixieLee

    Template Challenge.jpg

    really like your LO very well made!! and so tempting!
  2. DixieLee

    First Shot

    Your LO is captivating and I appreciate your journaling, the charms are so cute too!
  3. DixieLee

    Enjoy the moment

    This is cool!
  4. DixieLee


    This is so cool!
  5. DixieLee

    If You Ever

    This is so cute, the hat reminds me of my mom- we care for her the last 10 years after dad passed, she has Alzheimer's
  6. DixieLee

    Computer problem...

    That is funny!!
  7. DixieLee


    I really like your faded background! Seeing the flags makes me proud of course!
  8. DixieLee

    love you piper is 1.jpg

    This is cute reminds me of a dog slinging the mud off his face- the black dots. Dogs sure capture our hearts!
  9. DixieLee


    I am glad you got your forever home! The details that you included for the paper scrapping are so good, you made a cool LO and your home looks beautiful!
  10. DixieLee


    What a sight to behold! You made an amazing LO!
  11. DixieLee

    You and Me

    I love this, the quote, the sketch look the title very cool!
  12. geesh, my paper LOs never looked this good, it is very pretty and the stickers really add to it.
  13. DixieLee


    It sure looks wild and wooley! You showcased it so well with your title and banner strips and wood. Very country!
  14. DixieLee


    This is adorable, he looks so proud to have that chicken, the sunflowers sure match him! Very pretty!
  15. DixieLee

    June challenge #3

    love what you did! the framing for sure! the soft muted colors and crazy bee landing also the squiggles, sharp LO!!