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    I am thankful for God's mercy, he forgave my sin and saved me. God is very good!

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  1. DixieLee

    Tag Challenge

    very festive and pretty!
  2. DixieLee

    Season to Sparkle

    fun to see you, this is pretty and the colors are so beautiful and rich!
  3. DixieLee

    Dog, horse, and a cat

    oh, this is funny and so cat like!! thanks for the humor tonight!!
  4. DixieLee

    Homecoming Kythe 01 copy.jpg

    This is lovely and warm, thanks for sharing your work!
  5. DixieLee

    What Are Left Overs?

    What a great idea about the rice krispie turkey. Novel idea the left over idea and refrigerator picture (your looks cleaner than mine!) Fun LO!
  6. DixieLee


    I like how your background blends in with your beautiful placemats, everything looks perfect!
  7. DixieLee

    Tuesday Challenge Nov 22, 18 - Tradition

    my goodness, look at that feast! Your cranberry dish looks so tasty! I hope you still have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have someone to celebrate it with.
  8. DixieLee

    Huntress of the Moon

    This is so cool and serene- like a dose of fantasy with the dreamy look.
  9. DixieLee


    your grandmother and her sister left you a rich heritage with their sewing and ability to make their own clothing, this is a wonderful LO!
  10. DixieLee


    This is so rich and gorgeous!
  11. DixieLee

    Designer Names & Initials

    Thanks! I am going to get them!!
  12. DixieLee

    Designer Names & Initials

    Who is Daryl??? Debbie (Boat lady) said that she got large masks from Daryl - she used it on her LO today- trying to figure out who that is
  13. DixieLee


    I got to check out those masks, your light house LO is so professional! Your title "Heart of the ocean" is perfect with it.
  14. DixieLee


    Great family photo and I like the background and title with the wording added at the bottom too!
  15. DixieLee


    this is so cool!!! You look like a happy dragon!