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  1. I put my LOs into albums using Snapfish, yes, it took me some trial and error, but eventually got it. I use jpegs 8x8 inches and the books are 8x10 I think. So, I use whatever appropriate background and try to center the LOs on each page.. There are always sales for Shutterfly and Snapfish. I use PE for my LOs. I have no complaints about the books. And when I am stuck I can ask for help on the site. So, please don't be discouraged, your LOs will be awesome and when you make a book it will be a treasure for decades to come!!

  2. I send them all to a book company and have books made up for our 19 kids, mainly do it for the grandkids- because we don't get to see a lot of them, but I was told they love the books- pics of them, cousins and us.  Several grandbabies ago I started making them their baby book for the first year- the moms really appreciate it, but I get behind on the wedding books.

  3. Goodness you have a ton of creative juices to have done all that - well, it will be fun to see your LOs of little Aria (first granddaughter! she probably inspires you with all kinds of ideas of new things to make)  and I am glad you got back into designing because when you get to enjoy what you do you are a lot happier. So glad you got to jump in and just have fun!

  4. masks, I love them- all of them always

    embellishments are hard, I really like the premade clusters. That is why I really enjoy making military LOs because I don't have to add flowers and stuff. There is only one type of flower that grows in Afghanistan the poppy for opium, so I won't be adding flowers or buttons to my son's military LOs. One of them just came home yesterday( praise God). 

  5. Where in Arizona? Your oldest will just have to come down to visit you soon. I bet you won't miss the winters! I have a secret self that would love to leave the rainy side of Washington and soak up sun in Arizona or anywhere that has more sunshine than rain- as I look out the window now it is raining/drizzling again. Maybe the new scenery will inspire your creative thinking and designing on a new level- I know that goes without saying- LOL. (I am feeling chatty because my 7 kids haven't hit the floor yet- only one child and she is ADHD and won't stop talking to me about what she is finding in my desk drawer). I have a daughter down there and we had the best time visiting Sedona and hunting for any coffee places, we had a stupid fun time-(can't stop smiling thinking about the memories) well, bless you and your family and moving!!