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  1. I put my LOs into albums using Snapfish, yes, it took me some trial and error, but eventually got it. I use jpegs 8x8 inches and the books are 8x10 I think. So, I use whatever appropriate background and try to center the LOs on each page.. There are always sales for Shutterfly and Snapfish. I use PE for my LOs. I have no complaints about the books. And when I am stuck I can ask for help on the site. So, please don't be discouraged, your LOs will be awesome and when you make a book it will be a treasure for decades to come!!

  2. I send them all to a book company and have books made up for our 19 kids, mainly do it for the grandkids- because we don't get to see a lot of them, but I was told they love the books- pics of them, cousins and us.  Several grandbabies ago I started making them their baby book for the first year- the moms really appreciate it, but I get behind on the wedding books.

  3. Goodness you have a ton of creative juices to have done all that - well, it will be fun to see your LOs of little Aria (first granddaughter! she probably inspires you with all kinds of ideas of new things to make)  and I am glad you got back into designing because when you get to enjoy what you do you are a lot happier. So glad you got to jump in and just have fun!