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    I am thankful for God's mercy, he forgave my sin and saved me. God is very good!

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  1. Would you believe I flew to two states to be with two daughters that were due (a week apart) with their babies and I missed both deliveries because they were over a week overdue?!! But now I have a good excuse to fly again this summer to see our newest grandbabies!

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    2. BetC


      Oh my - babies certainly do not take into consideration the travel plans of grandmothers. Best laid plans --- and all of that. Know you are looking forward to the next visits.

    3. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      Oh, bad luck to miss the births, but wonderful to have two babies to visit! It often happens like that—you can't always plan these things. My DIL was a week overdue and after minding our granddaughter for 4 days we sent her home again, only to be called at 3 am the very next morning. By the time I got there I found myself assisting in an unplanned home birth! That was one for the archives!

    4. Marie-Christine


      Shame you missed the birth of your grand babies, hope you get to see them soon.